Let’s try something different today because I want to: Categories! This way no one has to read anything that doesn’t interest them. Plus, I’m bored.


We are such freaks. We got our rings out and were wearing them for a bit last night. It felt really comfortable but I think I was knocking it around more than I do the engagement ring. TheMan was spinning his around trying to decide which ‘face’ looked best. Face? Well I suppose there is a pattern break here or there but I never thought of them as having breaks. He’s more of a freak than I am. But then again he’s an extremely cute freak. Mrowr!


…are possessed by demons. TheMan got out his rotozip tool (heh, GET YOUR MIND BACK HERE!) but left the packing cardboard and box out for the kitties to play in. The packing cardboard has become a weird jungle gym for them to fight around and the box is just the second staging area for the grand epic cat fight of the century (coming soon to a home near me). No idea what has gone wrong in their tiny little brains but there has been cat fighting for three solid days now. At least they are getting their exercise no?

Isaak has been Mr. Affectionate cat lately too (demons I tell you!) to the point where he was doing that “I love you cat-mom” rubbing all over me thing this morning. The “I” never does that. Except today he does which means he’s either another cat or aliens have finally chewed through his skull and are controlling his kitty mind. At least they are nice loving aliens, although truly would I even be able to tell if nasty bitey crazy aliens moved into my cat’s head? Probably not.

Vande helped me invent a new word today: squattle. It’s the motion a cat (or any animal doing this) does when it wants to get under something that is a little too short for said animal to get under by walking or even crouching a little. It looks kinda like a cross between a soldier doing a combat crawl and an infant with a fully loaded diaper scooting under a couch. Heh, funny as hell too.

The Whole Fitness Gig

UGH! I am bloaty me today. Why? Who knows. I am also the pee queen today as well, having imbibed about 3 gallons of diuretic substance. One glass of coffee or one glass of tea for me from now on. Not three. I am doing well on the whole calorie/fat thing as long as we aren’t looking at the weekends too closely. I tend to sluff on my off days. Still, I find I am making better choices food wise even in the short time I have been keeping track of things. For instance I am now drinking a glass of OJ in the mornings. Liquid fruit! Yeah yeah yeah, blah blah the real stuff is golden cakes but you know what? The real stuff aint happening. Liquid fruit is working for me the way whole oranges never seem to do. I can live with that. I actually am getting to enjoy my glass of OJ in the morning, to the point of looking forward to it. Whoah!

TheMan moved the alarms up a half hour last night so I grumbled out of bed at about 5:40 I think. 5:35? Anyway I didn’t do much exercising because I was attending to a crock pot I had made the night before, but since there was a good stack of dishes I decided to at least do some of them and do stance work at the same time. 4 minute horse stance! A new record for me this time around, I might add, and then I went on to holding horse stance again for an additional 2 minutes and then another additional 2 minutes (rests in between). Go me! Went on a nice walk with Alessar at lunch however and my legs were complaining the whole way. The simple 20 minute walk kicked my hiney. Oi!


Hee, remember that from Sesame Street? Anyway, I created a newish crockpot yesterday. I made chicken pot pie filling in the crockpot and then baked an instant crust onto the top of it. So my idea for the gravy, which I thought was rather clever, was to dredge the chicken pieces in a flour and spice mixture and add them to the crock. I also added one quarter cup of water too. My thought was that the dredged flour would become a gravy like substance for the pot pie. It didn’t really work out quite like I had planned so I think next time I’ll make a gravy in the bottom of the pan and maybe still dredge the chicken. I think the dredging kept the chicken moister. I also had the brilliant idea of adding freezer peas after the crocking and before the crust baking so they wouldn’t get all mushy. For my Tuesday pot pie I think I will just add all freezer veggies (save taters) and do the same thing. I am full of minute cooking corrections in my ever closer journey to the perfect pot pie filling. Or something.


Just for you: Going through my head today is

Peas, peas, peas, peas eating freezer peas.

Goodness how delicious, eating freezer peas!

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