Last week, I think, I pulled all the peppers off my plants because there was FROST! and the END OF THE WORLD! and GARDNER’S BEWARE! I thought I’d best get what I could from the peppers before everything froze off and died. Did it actually hit freezing? Nope.

The tuppers sat around for a few days and then I put them in the fridge because we ordered up a dehydrator and it was going to take a bit to wend its way to us. It did and we stuck the whole bunch in to dry out. I now have several tuppers full of dried peppers which I guess I’ll grind up into powder.

I took my finger puppet into work on Wednesday since he amuses me so. As it turns out, it was the only guaranteed amusement I got all day. We had an All Staff Meeting about the several lots of positions we have vacant now and how we are going onward into the FUTURE! They have decided to replace all but one of the librarian positions (the tasks that the one librarian did are now divvied up between a cadre of other people) but none of the lower end support positions. You can imagine how this made the librarians and the lower end support staff feel.

We got several bags of Giant Marshmallows and some hot cocoa for the UCon Smithees but then forgot to bring the hot water heater. No marshmallow and hot chocolate for the mini Smithee crew, but this does mean we have more for the actual Smithees in spring. Look for Marshmallow and hot chocolate options at the A2 show! Speaking of which, I need to get the mascot drawn up and the puppets started.

Kitten Proofing! I have all the delicates packed away from curious kitten paws and we have arrangements with the Abby breeder oop nord to pick up Tycho on Monday. I need to call about Tess to see if she is ready to go and I need to get Vande back to the vet to make sure she is fine to interact with the other cats. Vande is not loving the ear squirts (last set this morning) and equally not as fond of the oral squirts (last squirt yesterday evening). She now puts up a huge fuss whenever TheMan picks her up and flips her onto her back because that signals oral gooshy meds. I feel like a terrible cat parent.

We did get all the kitten holes patched so woot that; no kittens in our furnace, nosiree bob!

2009: You would not believe how fun cookie squishing was. Dredge, STAMP! *giggle*. Dredge, STAMP, *giggle*.

2008: Cheese might just be the trick to get them to stick together long enough for the entire forkfull of noodles to make the trip to the mouth.

2007: JSFR: Crown Mychew (strawberry)

2006: JSFR: Pokka Jasmine Green Tea

2005: Furnace kitties bad.

2004: Also conceivably you could have rummaged around to find your camera and taken a few dozen pics because your cat is that stupid patient to let you do so but in reality it’s my pic of my cat and my amazing (and also 1337) cap/cat balancing 5k1llz and I want my credit due. If not, I will wish lots of shorts infesting itchy mites on you as well, plus I’ll thrown in crab lice. Don’t tempt me!

2003: I even took a nap today. Man, I got all the bases covered.

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