The Friday Five 11-19-10

Five OCD things about me.

1. I like to keep my paper money all facing the same way and ordered smallest bills to largest bills (or vice versa). Not to say that I have to stop everything right then and there and make sure all the Georges are facing the same way but sooner rather than later I like to have them all ship shape. Wadded up bills annoy me quite a lot so I might also fold the whole kit and caboodle up after getting them all aligned.

2. I like to have my wedding band oriented in a specific way. Our wedding bands have a neat leaf like pattern on them which causes one end of the swirls to have this head butting curly-q looking spot and the other to have a little leafy 69 looking spot. I’m always fixing the ring so that the leafy 69 faces my middle finger.

3. I like neat cords (and I can not lie). Sometimes I have to weigh my basic laziness with the annoyance of seeing cord spaghetti but if there is some sort of cord windy thing that comes with the cord I’m guaranteed to pretty much use it. Vacuum? Always wound up before I put it away. Kitty feather toy on a string? Neatly wound around the stick part. Hand mixer? Hair dryer? Iron? I’ve got ways to neatly wrap the cords for all those little appliances. I only wish Christmas lights would stay all nicely wrapped up on their own but they never seem to no matter how carefully I roll them up the year before. Bastards.

4. OK, I lied, I don’t have 5 OCD things I do reliably, or at least I don’t think I do. I do have a couple of things I do out of necessary habit (and because it seems like a really good idea to do them). Sharp knives always go point down in the dishwasher or drying rack. Not because I have a compulsion to keep them point down but because I have suck vision but am often too lazy to put my glasses on right away in the morning. It’s not unusual for me to poke around blind in knife territory and I don’t want a stigmata surprise if I’m putting something else in the dishwasher or reaching for a clean utensil in the silverware bin.

5. I have a morning routine which I’m not even sure of the steps except that if I’m interrupted from doing my thing I’ll often forget something. I can’t even tell you specifically what I do but if I have a shiny! moment between getting dressed, putting on deodorant, putting the glasses on, putting the ring on, and then taking meds, I’ll most likely forget one of those steps. Yes, even the glasses one although I don’t think I’ve made it out of the house yet without them (it’s been close though, like the “getting everything together to walk out the door” step where I realize something isn’t right…oh! I can’t see).

2009: Anyway, enjoy the vids.

2008: The problem with writing every day is…well OK the two problems with writing every day is one: I’m lazy. Two: I don’t really do all that much exciting stuff every day to write about.

2007: How do cats know just where to yark to necessitate a full bed change?

2006: If I were more OCD inclined, I’d update more frequently.

2005: JSFR: Tohato Caramel Corn (mango)

2004: The local forecast for cookies is 75%

2003: and on time.

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