A Thankful Trip Oop Nord

As usual we started out the trek at oh-dark-hundred in order to beat traffic so I have no shots of the entire lower peninsula save this one. Which isn’t very good seeings as it’s 3am in this shot.

Even by the time we got to the bridge it was still dark. I still got you guys your artsy bridge shot though because I care. I also really kinda dig the colored swirly light spots so probably this pic is actually more for me than you.

Since it was breakfast time when we hit the bridge, we pulled into the St. Ignace Big Boy for eats and coffecoffeecoffee. It was still dark when we arrived but by the end of breakfast (when I took this pic) the sun was up and about. St. Ignace has an odd sense of pumpkin decoration placement.

Poor scarecrow is recovering from a late night bender.

When we left Big Boy the sun had come out and we could see the surroundings which included this ice over puddle. Argh! Ice! Not ten minutes later it started to snow.

Welcome to the U.P. eh?

Here are MomQ’s crazy cabbage things which seem to be awfully hardy. Lots of people in the area have these cabbage fellas I noticed, probably because they have a 3 day growing season up there and the cabbages don’t crumple over and die when it gets snowy and cold.

Primarily we went up north to pick up kitten number 1, but we also had time for an early Thanksgiving. Mom and DadQ were interested in our Nero Wolfe culinary experiments so we e-mailed off a couple recipes for review.

MomQ liked the look of ‘Braised Wild Turkey’ so we set about to make one of those. This one was farm raised because no one wanted to actually go out and shoot a wild young turkey (although I hear MomQ is quite a shot). We also decided that bacon would stand in for “strips of pork fat” because hey, bacon is pork and it has fat. Right? RIGHT! Also as it turns out, during the cooking strips of bacon will cook completely, thereby having no more fat and being no more use to the bird. So we ate them. Best! Midbird cooking snack EVER!

We made pie from real pumpkins out of the Nero Wolfe book as well but then had regular potatoes, stuffing, cranberry jelly and salad. Everything was delish.

Among other trips here and there we made a pasty run. Mmmmm. All too soon, however, we were packed and in the car to head back downstate.

With our new kitty! Tycho was an unhappy camper and cried all the way to the bridge.

Bridge! At this point in time the kitten settled down and we mocked him mercilessly. Poor thing just wanted to get his frightened meow on but we kept telling him that we’d traveled with a Siamese cat and he’d have to do much better before we’d take his pain seriously.

Fort Michillmackinac for the curious.

We got home round abouts 6ish and set up the bedroom as the kitten sanctuary. Here’s the new cat tree we purchased for the kitties to climb on, in and over.

So where does Tycho go five minutes after being let out of the carrier? Under the dresser. Patching the vent holes was a super plus good idea.

Eventually Tycho found the cat tree.

Everyone, meet Tycho.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    That’s a fine lookin kitteh!

  2. mum Says:

    Welcome to the family Tycho

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