Two if by Kittens

Tuesday evening we went out and disrupted Tycho and Vande’s life even further by acquiring a new kitten. Tess, which is what we call her (short for Tesla), isn’t so sure of the new situation herself.

Tycho knows he’s not happy…this was his room! And now he has to share! CATMOOOOOM!

By the way, Tess also fits under the dresser.

We decided to break the ice by introducing Nemesis.

Both kittens took a really keen interest in Nemesis and we had quite the time. As it turns out, Tycho is freakishly agile and can track Nemesis in the air like some sort of homing missile. This lead to a merry game of “Cat tornado” in which TheMan ran Nemesis around and around and around Tycho while he tracked and chased it. Did you know cats can get dizzy? It’s the funniest thing. Tess, on the other hand, just sits and waits for Nemesis to come around again on the guitar. Tess is more of a ground based chaser and not very graceful in the air.

Tess waiting for the next thing.

Tess decides she’ll do her waiting in comfort.

After a long night of hissy growly, Tess and Tycho settled down to become best friends.

Vande, on the other hand, just hates. Everything.

2009: Why indeed, there is no law against having women play even a bass tuba or kettle-drums, although often the only females in the entire orchestra are the harpists.

2008: I begrudge cleaning up in exclusion to helping customers AN HOUR BEFORE THE PLACE CLOSES!

2007: JSFR: Corlade

2006: So much Vande hate.

2005: Technically, the stuffing will fit…as in there is no stuffing meniscus but mixing it becomes a challenge.

2004: Tomorrow we are going to mosey on up to mumses and have us a Thanksgiving dinner that can’t be beat.

2003: I’m also a tad chillier than I like because I’m dressed in women’s dress casual with no pockets and skirty air wooshing action.

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