Five Superfluous Thankful Things

Everybody’s got a “I’m thankful for…” post and sure, I’m thankful for friends, family, job, health and all that but I’m also thankful for some trivial things too.  Sometimes the stoopid fiddly bits get over looked in the great Thankful Posts of the season so today I dedicate my blog to the inconsequential things which I am thankful for.

TheMan and I can cook.  I get razzed at work by a couple coworkers because I talk about food a lot, which I do.  I like food; I like tasty food and I like making tasty food.  I’ll make pretty much anything that sounds interesting too and I have a fairly broad definition of interesting.  Donut bread pudding?  Sure!  Thai pumpkin soup?  Absolutely.  Smoked wok killing fish?  Been there, done that.  Twice.  I like to find something interesting that sounds tasty and see if I can make it.  Most of the time I can either peg the recipe or at least miss really, really close to the mark which is good enough for government work.  Or food at least.   TheMan also likes to cook so when I’m feeling lazy and he’s feeling experimental we get a delicious dinner out of it.  Food shouldn’t be just fuel for your body, food should be an experience from the ingredients all the way to that first forkful.  I am thankful that TheMan and I have the kitchen chops to accomplish this.

KITTIES!.  Yeah, I am thankful for all kitties that live in our house despite their craziness, pigginess or 15 year old grumpiness.  When a cat is not climbing the stove to lick the bacon grease off the pan or burrowing under the covers to put their cold kitty feet on you or going off on a yowly kitten smacking bender they can be superbly adorable.  sometimes it’s incredibly peaceful to have a cat snoozing on your person while you drowsily scritch them.  I am thankful for that opportunity (as few and far between as it is at the moment).

Books, authors, libraries and education.  In general, I am thankful that I can read and I like to read and that there are so many awesome things out there to read.  There is even stuff to reread which is fun too despite knowing how the story comes out.  I had quite a lot of fun with my Crazy Hugo Project this year (enough that I’m planning on doing the same thing next year) and for the most part I’ve liked most of the stuff I’ve read in my 2010 Read Some Damned Books Initiative (40 as of this post).  Thanks books, authors, libraries and education; reading is an awesome passtime.

Christmas Lights.  I told you this was about the frivolities and if I’m giving thanks for the whimsical things I have to include Christmas lights.  Holiday lights even for I do believe I spotted a house bedecked in blue and white with a star of David hanging light fella.  That’s cool, I just like seeing all the different lights.  I’d prefer if people saved the decorating until after Thanksgiving because I get cranky when Christmas encroaches on other holidays (like 4th of July) but in its proper season there aint nothing like wandering around looking at how people have decorated their houses.  Pretty!  Thank you everyone for your festive spirit.

Bad Movies.  I could possibly lump this under ‘friends’ because I have quite a bunch of friends I’ve met through the Smithee awards but few people really give thanks to the bad films themselves.  There is something really fun to me about having a bunch of people over to watch a terrible movie.  Maybe dinner, definitely drinks…bad movies bring cool people together.  Thank you B cinema.

2009: Today I give thanks for Salad Shooters and husbands who gleefully wield them.

2008: 70 minutes of cooking versus 30 minutes of cooking is a whole different sleep-in kettle of fish.

2007: Aaaaaany moment now, Christmas can SPRING out of the box and festivate itself everywhere.

2006: I is lazy, I is not posting.

2005: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (wasabi)

2004: Christmas lights are prettier after Thanksgiving. True fact!.

2003: I did have to go back to work which was a drag but there was only about thirty minutes left in the day and I figured that was doable without fatalities.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    We have blue and white lights up at our house! No Star of David though.

    I have to be thankful for bad movies too because that is how I met all of you nice folks 🙂

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