That about sums everything up. I’m having A. Day. Possibly two or even three and I blame it all on Monday. Stupid wide awake Monday. BAH!

So yeah. Things are all in a funk around here but on the positive side, I have had very little interaction with my coworkers so hey! Bonus. Really, I don’t feel much like updating but all those poor little non underlined days in a row make me feel sad. Poor days, no updates.

In the down and out news, I did not get the job that I applied for, but I don’t officially know that yet. I heard through the grapevine that they filled the position with someone who has a master’s degree which seems sort of overkill to me. It’s kind of like hiring a doctor to check you in to the waiting room but hey. My guess is that she is out of here in two years because heloo-oo, Master’s Degree. Buuuut, I don’t know officially that she has the job so whatever. I did go and attend the weekly meeting of that department (like I always do) and they were talking about schedules and when new hire chick is going to work and this and that, so I guess now I unofficially officially know that I didn’t get the job. Thanks. Someone might have had the decency to at least pull me aside and tell me the job was filled (and not by me) before I got to hear about scheduling the new person. Don’t mind me, I’ll just wait a week or two while the “official letter” wanders its way to my house and then I’ll know for sure that the NEW CHICK working the job was indeed hired. Mmmmmm, feel the love there.

Some non bummer things have happened so let’s go there. Why not? I’m bored of talking bummer. You know, I think I’ll make this an SAST, that way I don’t have to think much. And I’ll start with WoW because WoW is fun!

Tuesday night we signed on with Nardo (TheMan’s Night Elf hunter. Versus TheMan’s dwarf hunter or TheMan’s troll hunter. He likes him some variety) and Tan! Wonder Gnome Extraordinaire! We finished up a couple of quests and gathered some leather (Nardo) and herbs (Tan) and basically dinked around. Tan got his new pet, a succubus, which I haven’t really figured out yet. I suppose she does something great and magnificent but so far Blue is gets my vote for cool pet. Sadly, Tan is again outstripping his alchemy skill since most of the herbs we found (in an area Tan couldn’t hope to solo until he’s got another 5 levels under his belt) didn’t do a whole lot to advance his craft. Hrrumph (theme of the day!).

Wednesday was TheMan’s game which was pretty cool. I still haven’t figured out how to add up all the points for doing things (because you add this and that, and then this but the other gives you a bonus and if you have these two then you get a double bonus and…) and we discovered that my character had more of something she had made than we had first figured out. Badmovie’s character got into some fun trouble which was a blast to just sit and listen to too even though no body else was on deck for it. Plus we had M&Ms which make everything happy. At least until you eat too many and they sugar burn your mouth.

I did some dishes this morning and I am alarmed that the small pile of dirty dished that I had whittled down from the humongous eye boggling Horde got noticeably bigger again. But…how? We didn’t use THAT many dishes in three days. I think people are coming in late at night and putting dirty dishes in my last little stack of dirty dishes pile and then creeping away snickering. Do I even own that many tuppers? And what’s with the ten bazillion dirty pint glasses that suddenly materialized? I know we didn’t go through that many pint glasses yet here they are. And also, why can’t I find all the high ball glasses I know we have? They aren’t in the dirty mound, they aren’t in the clean mound, they aren’t in the cupboard-HEY! You dirty dish ninjas are also making off with my clean stuff, aren’t you? CUT THAT OUT!

I bet they take socks too. Bastard dirty dish ninjas.

Did y’all check out the weather this morning? 62 degrees. Brrr in a happy way because this can only mean fall is coming and with fall comes Cider Mill Adventures! I called up Wasem’s Fruit stand (where they have the BEST cider mill donuts ever) and found out that they open on September 9th, which falls on a Friday. Guess who’s taking the day off on September 9th? 50 boo points if you said me cuz CIDER MILLING!!! In fact, give yourself 50 more boo points because CIDER MILLING!!! I love cider mills (but not the big commercial ones because they have no soul) and I am all asquee about having the day off and trundling out to BFE to get some froots and farm grown stuff. Nothing’s cooler than going to a BFE cider mill and poking around and if we go at the crack of opening, we should score some plums this year for mumses and Mr. Paul’s wedding wine. Plus, you know, donuts. Mmmm, warm fresh donuts and cool apple cider.

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Last last year at the booniverse: He did and he improved (his roll to finish rate dropped noticeably) and now he’s exciting to watch in the “Can he overtake the guy in front of him” way rather than the “Which turn is he going to wipe out on” way.

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