Black Friday Weekendery

StalkerPatti had a whole Facebook thing where she was supporting not buying anything on Black Friday. Sadly, we could not join her no shopping group because we had already been out and back with a purchase. Mind you, it was a new kitchen faucet because at 7 in the morning I wandered out to the puzzling sounds of running water where there shouldn’t be any and lo! The under sink doodads had gone all off. TheMan got all sink Greek on me explaining what exactly had gone wrong but “part no work, water everywhere” seems explanatory enough. TheMan also said Lowe’s was a zoo. Lowes? Weirdos.

My theme for the weekend, other than Argh! Kitchen Wet! is ARGH! KITTIES! TheMan and I are now fighting over who gets to sleep in the living room with Little Kitty. Calm, sweet, sleeps all night Little Kitty.

We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend because we were kitty watching. At least that’s the story we are going with. We spent probably too much time chewing through season one of Bones and too much time playing Sudoku. We also spent a lot of time chilling with kittens and cat as well as breaking up spats and scuffles between kittens and cat. On the plus side, there has been less chasing kittens with intent to bodily smack (which means TheMan and I have spent less time extracting Tycho from wherever he’s been treed or cornered) but relations between Vande and the interlopers remains tense.

We went out to the brewpub for the Black Friday Rat Pad which was…eh. I guess we did two Black Friday consumerisms. The food was, as usual, delicious.

Also accomplished was an episode of freezer diving wherein I pulled everything out, wrote down what and how many and then reorganized the freezer. I discovered I was down to one tupper of stock (but had 2 tuppers of soup I had forgotten about) which had me a little panicky (ONE TUPPER OF STOCK!!!). Ergo, Saturday I made a mess o’ chicken stock and Sunday I made a mess of hamm stock so the freezer is well…stocked. Or something. Moving on!

We had some experimental Thai Pumpkin soup which was good, although we have a couple tweaks for next time. We also have hot and sour soup for lunches which I made at the same time I was making one of the stocks. This time around I kept the kitchen window slightly open so that it didn’t start raining in the kitchen, which worked pretty well. Kidneys! I has them. Dangit, I was just thinking that it would have been nice to have rolls with our soups (there was a tail end of french bread leftover from TGiving which went smashingly with the pumpkin soup but there wasn’t a lot of it) and that lead to dumplings and now I want stew with dumplings cooked on top of it.

Have I mentioned how much I love soup weather? Have I also mentioned that I now have no more room in my freezer because it’s full of stock again? (And mashed wine fruits and carcasses and butter and pork chops and…) I love late fall/winter cooking.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Well, I don’t think either purchase counts as shopping. You NEEDED the faucet doohickey thing. It’s not like you just bought a whole bunch just to buy them 🙂 And beer should always be purchased. Always.

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