Squid Ink Cannelloni!!!!!

Yes, you read right. SQUID INK CANNELLONI (I originally had Cannoli (ew) which is a word Word doesn’t know. Word must be Mexican or something. What’s the opposite of Italian anyway?). The only other time I’ve ever run into squid ink anything was the challenge squid episode on Iron Chef. But of course I had to order it. Squid ink cannelloni? Of course!

TheMan took me to Paesano’s last night because I was so glum and in a bad mood (and I told him he was failing his comforting husband roll by not immediately taking me to Paesano’s. Where I wanted to eat. But of course I didn’t bother to tell him that. Hey! Aren’t husbands supposed to be psychic? I thought I read that somewhere in the Wife’s handbook). Good food is the gift of the gods some days when you are feeling like total poo. Paesano’s has good food and I was feeling like poo yesterday so natch that was the place to go.

Is it just me or does using good food and poo in the same sentence look weird?

We beat the dinner rush and got us some mighty fine tasty eats which included SQUID INK CANNELLONI. That was my dish. I think TheMan got grilled swordfish hat on taters. Anyway, the cannelloni were a dusty black in color and served stuffed with cannelloni cheese (ricotta?), asparagus and crab meat all swimming in a yellow tomato sauce. It was one freaky (but pretty. Like a bumblebee) dish and I’m not so sure I’d order it again, but only because Paesano’s has a ton of other tasty dishes that I haven’t yet tried. I will say that the dusty black noodles are a bit weird looking even though they taste pretty much like cannelloni noodles, and the yellow tomato sauce was very weird looking (yellow tomatoes? Bizarre!) so I was having a bit of visual disconcertation. If you are blind than this might not matter at all and if you put enough parmesan cheese on the dish it really doesn’t matter at all. Mmmmm, cheese.

Weirdly, and rather freakily so, my boss was also at the restaurant and popped over to our table to say a quick hello. Fortunately, TheMan and I were deep in a discussion about vis (Ars Magica thing-it) because we are geeks and not deep in a discussion about my coworkers because we had gotten that discussion over with in the car ride there. Whew! But Gahhhhhh!

We wound up not getting dessert since we were STUFFED but I waffled about the cappuccino and accompanying caddy. On one hand…cappuccino! And Caddy! On the other hand…Thursday night and work the next morning. Cappuccino and up all night or no cappuccino and eternal sadness for not having the caddy. Hmmm. Tough choice. But then it hit me: Decaffichino. Yeah, I normally don’t even go there but sometimes there is a purpose for decaf. This was exactly that time and I got my decaffichino with the caddy and was clam happy the rest of the evening.


To continue with the freaky, today my boss called me into her office and asked all casual like “Soooo…they ever say anything about the job you applied for?”. It turns out that the hiring department sent an e-mail to all the department heads saying “Whoo! We’ve hired New Chick!” and since my boss was certain that I’d tell her when I heard anything, she thought there might have been a second position open. Nope. I told her that no one has officially told me anything (although we did discuss New Hire Chick at the meeting!) but when they do, I’ll tell her. Well. Boss thought that was pretty poor on their part to not at least tell me before I heard through the grapevine and offered to take it up with the department. Woah. Weird, but cool.

I declined because I sort of want to do my own reaming. Which is why I’m also going to wait a bit because no conversation will progress pleasantly after I open with “You fuckers could have at least had the decency if not the professionalism to tell me before blabbering the info all over. Thanks for nothing. Fucking fuckers”. It’d make me feel good though. Heh.

So weekend. We have PLANS! Saturday there is, of course, World of Warcraft and then Scott H is hosting a shindig over at his place. Scott H always has some interesting friends over at these things so I’m looking forward to some fun hanging. On Sunday, we are hanging here at the Q house and hosting Mumses, Mr. Paul and the pups. I suppose I’d best start cleaning then!

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