End of November…Srsly??!?

Holy Moley That’s all of November then? Crimony this year is going fast.

Since we are cresting into December (and how did that happen so quick?) I should probably start thinking of things and stuff to do or not do to make me a better human being. Or something…thinking about goals for 2011 as it were because if December goes as fast as the rest of the year has it’ll be April before I settle on something to intend.

This year I completed a year of working out (dangerously) and promptly quit when the clock hands told me I had gone a whole year. Haven’t been back on either and hey! My butt is larger. Coincidence? Hmmm! I tried to keep a calorie log and I did for a while but for whatever reason I petered out after about two months. I did discover that calories add up really darned fast; left to my own devices I can eat 3000 or more calories lickity bamn (hash browns will kill you. As will cheese. Both are really tasty). What I need to do is combine the calorie watching with some exercising…you know the revolutionary eat less move more technique. I miss my ‘getting in shape butt’ from all those leg lift crunches. I don’t miss the crunches though. So! New Year’s Intention One: Come up with a plan to stick to which includes calorie counting and working out.

Maybe I should get a dog so I’ll have to at least get out and walk it because you have to walk a dog. Or maybe I’ll resent the dog for having to be walked when I am cozy in bed warm. Lemmie think on that strategy a bit.

This is going to look weird coming after “I’m fat and need to slim up” but I’ve been having a most wondrous time cooking new recipes this year. We’ve done several Nero Wolfe dishes which were fab (and will kill you with the butter and the cheese and the meat and the fat) and the Baporama recipes we’ve touched on were pretty good too. I need to do more of those. I might also look into more Thai or Indian cuisine just to find more tasty dishes. I guess goal two is to keep experimenting in the kitchen. That’s probably the only one I’ll keep knowing me. Sigh.

Reading! As of this month I think I’ve hit 40 books read for the year which is a new record (previous was 33). I hit that on November 16th so things have been going much slower in the colder months. I’m not likely to hit 50 but I want to at least finish the two library books I have checked out by the end of the year. I think a lot of my book accumulation came from the crazy Hugo project of ’10 which was so much fun that I’m pretty sure there will be a crazy Hugo project of ’11. I don’t have a specific goal in mind here other than to keep on reading, damnit.

House Projects is my last New Year’s Intention. There are so many different ones that I am going to have to pick and choose but I’d like to at least get one long standing gardening project done (I’m thinking either clearing out the lilac mess or getting the garden ripped up to the fence. Both will include more tree and root removal which thrills me to no end) and one long standing house project done (yeah…you all know what that project is. If not, it involves eventually getting a toilet). Will I make this goal then? I hope so.

2009: If ever you are on death row and they ask you what you want for your last meal, tell them you want a DQ apple pie. You will not regret it.

2008: JSFR: Wata Gum Cola – Cotton Candy Gum

2007: Tomorrow is the official Boots By Date, so my Birks have the rest of today to try and kill me with their evil slip slidy ways.

2006: I want it so that I have one keyboard with all my options right there and readily accessible rather than having to CTR-ALT-PLUS SIGN-TILDE-CAPITAL A-RIGHT PARENTHESIS to get a Q hat character.

2005: For cripes sake, I’ve seen Citizen Kane about a bazillion times in bits and fragments I’VE PAID MY DUES!!!!.

2004: I wonder how many posts I write that begin “I’m in a foul-assed cranky mood, damnit!”

2003: Annie was a good dog and we all loved her. Head scritchies for you, little pup wherever you are.

3 Responses to “End of November…Srsly??!?”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Jazzercise with me!!!!!

  2. Boo Says:

    Arrrrgh! Jazzerscize nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    I would aplode. Totally.

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    Really? It’s not too hard, really. It’s like dancing. I pretend I’m in a broadway play 🙂 But if you ever want to give it a try, it’s like crack cocaine…first one’s free 🙂

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