Friday Movie Five

The winter movie “gotta get it out for awards recognition” season is upon us and since we usually take in a movie or two while Oop Nord I thought I’d talk about five upcoming movies I might like to see.

Tron Legacy – because I saw the original Tron way back when (but I’m not sure it was in the theaters) and it was pretty neat. Now, some millionty years later, they have super awesome SFX capabilities so I imagine the suits, cycles and light discs will look absolutely phenomenal. Plus…Tron! (It’s got a nice Tron 2 intro which I like. Sequels should make sense – I’m looking at YOU Highlander 2!)

Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader is, I think, the third book in the series and I totally missed that Narnia 2 had already come out (we caught the tail end of it on some T.V. somewhere. Possibly it was streaming on NetFlix but more than likely one of our friends had the T.V. on and there it was). I feel that I should watch Narnia 2 before Narnia 3 but I’m not sure that will happen. If I remember my books, I rather liked the Dawn Treader so I’d go see this movie.

True Grit…they are making a True Grit remake? I don’t think I’ve seen the original. In Fact, I think the only John Wayne movie I’ve seen is the one with Katherine Hepburn and the raft and that’s because Katherine Hepburn was in it. I definitely need to see the original before the remake but how can I not go out and see a Coen brothers movie with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon? I don’t really want to watch the John Wayne version but I will for the new version. I’ll probably like the John wayne one better.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. TheMan and I have watched the other two, this one seems like a good wrap up. I wonder when it’s coming to the Michigan/state theater? I shall have to look. Oh shoot, it opened at the end of October? Crappit. Can I even count that as a movie? When did it come to town anyway? I can’t believe we missed it. Hrumph.

Resident Evil A Millionty. What? Maybe I don’t have to see this in the theater but I do like the series. Mmmm, Milla Jovovich.

2009: Apparently it’s 70% awesome or something which makes it triple delicious.

2008: I tell you, banjo-fiddle-flute “Cold Mountain Rain” beats the hillbilly hell out of 70s 8-track special.

2007: And making soup, but that bit of industry was sort of a spontaneous accident. What? There was a carcass in the fridge.

2006: Putting up the nativity scene is one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions.

2005: Will Joy come off my shit list? Probably not unless this turns out to be really amazing chicken.

2004: No Milla. 🙁

2003: Yes, sandals. Shut up, it’s sandals until the things rot off my feet alright?

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