I Am Sick, Here Are Some Random Pictures

One of my coworkers was out with sick last week and now I’m severly under the weather. Coincidence? Let the pictures tell the story.

I think I was actually visited by the angel of death last night but I must have scared him/her off when I tried to turn myself inside out.

Even the Flying Spaghetti Monster left me.

I saw a bright light…

…and faces of those who had passed before me.

But then I started feeling a little bit better. Not get up and go places better, but certainly much better than when I was puking. It’s amazing how much better you feel when your insides aren’t trying to become your outsides.

Here’s a shot of my Joseph’s Coat roses from this summer. It’s nice and cheery and I hope the bush comes back next year since somebody forgot to put their roses to bed for the winter. I think I’m feeling bad, these poor fellas are freezing their delicate rose parts off. Sorry flowers.

Here’s an old pic of my printer landscape from back before the move. I wonder if I have a new printer landscape pic. Hold on. Nope. Hmmm, I was sure I took a pic of my new printer at some point in time but I can not find it. And I’m sick. Moving on.

One of the things that makes the iPad so cool is that we can get weather updates on the fly. It snifferes out some sort of ATT or whatever network and shows us real-ish time weather reports. We’ve also used it to navigate off main roads when the main roads get messy. Handy thing it is.

You might also be able to play a mean game of Sudoku on it.

Here are some nice calm Zen waves to end out my rambly picto post. I’m going back to bed now, see you tomorrow.

2009: JSFR: Prince of Peace Ginger Candy

208: JSFR: MeltyKiss (dark rum)

2007: So I waltzed out of the house all “Tra-la-la I have a hood and no time for hat hair” and immediately suffered brain freeze.

2006: It’s continuing to snow and cold (yay boots!) which would be really pretty if I weren’t such a cold weather sissy.

2005: And the ever popular Stegosaurus. Note the spikes. And the crank. This is one cranky-a-saurus.

2004: For those of you who fell asleep, which I clearly did not get nearly enough of so I’m going to have to confiscate your sleep, TheMan and I did a one day jaunt down to ‘Bama to visit my grandma.

2003: After my fourth nap I was feeling better so I went out SHOPPING!

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