Still Alive…mostly

OK, here’s the real weekendery post even though I’m still not 100% today.

Friday night we went on an all peeps outing to see the new Harry Potter movie. I’d read reviews which were basically “Too Much tent Time ARRGH!” but I did not think so. Maybe I just remember the book being pretty long winded with the three of them out alone so the tent time seemed bookish. Anyway, of all the HP movies, I think this one does the best job at character development (sadly, so near the end of the series) and the pacing seemed reasonable. Lots of angst too. We all enjoyed ourselves and the ending was nicely cliff hangery done which…they are splitting the book in two so it’s going to be. My one quibble was that I remember them figuring out that Harry’s cloak was one of the Hallows pretty early on but in Part 1 they hadn’t yet. It seems super obvious to me but then again I know the story so… Also, did Hermione magic her existence from her parents in the book? I don’t remember that. Afterwards we went home and I crashed like a crashy thing.

Saturday I felt meh with a side of blah so I napped until pretty late in the day. We had StalkerPatti’s parTAY to attend to, which we did. Patti and her squeeze celebrated their 10 year anniversary at the brewpub and invited us all. There were even special brewed beers for the occasion that they brewed up themselves. Swank! We came, we saw, we partied like it was 2010 and then we went home where I crashed. Again.

Sunday I came down with the full blown sick.

On the plus side, we did a lot of NetFlix on demand watching of the TV series Bones. I looked at spoilers ahead of time so I know THE BIG SECRET SURPRISE ENDING TO THIS SEASON but I’m having a tough time seeing it. Maybe I read wrong, or maybe it was a Godzilla moment. I will have to see when we finish things up.

2009: Michener Everett Nefling is secure enough in his young manhood to wear awesome blue monkey jammies with pink piping.

2008: JSFR: Toppo for Men.

2007: Well, it’s a big piece of hulking feces so I might as well use it for something and all that blank space cries out to be covered in doodle art.

2006: I’ve gone more than 24 hours without washing my head and by the time 30 hours rolls by I can use my head to grease cooking pans.

2005: Nothing says welcome to this world little one like DEATH SPICES!

2004: Sadly, no Advil, Sudafed, Flovent, Drinking, Smoking or drug use for me come 2005. Damn, there goes my heroin habit.

2003: JSFR: Coconut Pocky

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Thank you so much for making it to our party despite being sick! I had no idea you felt icky. It means a lot that you made it out…you know I put a lot into my parties and I tend to be crushed when people can’t make it (although of course I understand when people are sick).

    I used to watch Bones so now I’m dying to know the super secret…or else if it was another Godzilla moment!!! 🙂

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