I’ll Think Of A Title For This Later

Man, it’s hard to think up good titles for weekend recaps these days. There keeps being more weekends. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, if it were permanent weekends from here on out then I wouldn’t have to do a recap and not have to think of titles right?


Onward! (hey, I could use that for a title)

Friday Night T.V. After a day where my boss freaks me out by going all gung ho boo on me what’s better than to kick back and watch the Friday night line up? Well, except we would have kicked back and watched it anyway but that doesn’t make as interesting segue into the Friday Night T.V. discussion. Stargate…Stargate…what happened on OH! Right. Ba’al (and Ba’al and Ba’al…if you haven’t seen the episode, skip down). Oooo! Another freaky freaky: Ba’al looks creepily like a friend of mine (dagoski incase you were curious) and evidentially comes in a six pack (assuming there is one tromping around in the galaxy and that wasn’t just bad intel. Ba’al, not dagoski). As TheMan quipped “What do you get when you have 4 balls?” Hee.

I liked the Prometheus beaming the entire building out of Seattle and chucking it into space where it blew up. That’s a lot of building. That’s a lot of boom too. But I got to thinking…does the public know about the Stargate? As far as I remember they do not, so how do you explain an entire skyscraper disappearing like that? And there were absolutely no eye witnesses? True they evacuated quite a bit of the area but no eyewitnesses? None at all? Fortuitous for them me thinks (unless they are discounting the testimony of a few scattered bums and homeless people who I’m fairly certain might be missed in the evacuation. Maybe they meant reputable eye witnesses). The gas main cover up was pretty funny. Damn, how do we cover the fact that an entire skyscraper just vanished? Hmmm. Hey! Faulty gas main. We’ll just spread a little rubble around and tell everyone the building blew up. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

On Atlantis, we continue to love McKay here at the booniverse. Loooove! He really makes the show. I was also pretty amused with Rhonin this week if only because he is so really not into the whole Sheppard has the Authori-TAY around here gig. Anyone who disses Sheppard has my heart. Here at the booniverse we continue no not be amused my Major Sheppard. Anyway, Rhonin is all “Look at me, I’m following orders” but only because he’s hot for Tayla. Take her out of the picture and he’d be going off doing what Rhonin thinks is best, the hell with Sheppard (which is why he makes a very poor fourth to their team but hey…the almighty Sheppard thinks he is the bee’s knees so whatever). I loved the exchange between Tayla and Rhonin where he’s all “Errr…we’re supposed to take orders ’cause I got really reamed last week when I disobeyed them (and P.S. I still think you are so totally hot and I’m just doing this “orders” thing cuz you the BOMB babE) so here I am obeying them and you want me to not follow rules now? Who gets to decide when we follow and when we don’t?” Tayla tells him that sometimes you just do and this is one of those times and before she can finish, Rhonin’s taking off. “Hey, you say so? Good enough for me, I’m outta here!”. Hee.

Ahhhh, Battlestar Galacta. This show is getting better and better, if only for how crazy(ier) Baltar is getting. Love Baltar. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly Six is though…hallucination? Cylon implant? Cylon post hypnotic suggestion? Is he a Cylon and this is his weird ass programming? Whatever, bring me more Baltar/Six crazy because hee! And also, this week Olmos is creepier than usual, which is pretty frightening. I still think he should have killed Boomer though, that would have been cool. Alas. We were talking about Olmos and someone remarked that they never really had a feel for what a craggy voice was until they heard him speak. Yup, aint that the truth. He’s definitely mastered craggy in this show (and the laser death beam look of doom. Do not get into an evil eye staring contest with him. Nuh-uh!). I have to think though, what happens when the Galactica and the rag tag fleet get to Earth? Will it be set in present day? Future? Way future after a nuclear holocaust? Won’t the Colonials be in for a bit of a shock when they discover a good chunk of the Earth religions are monotheistic? That’s very Cylon.

Saturday we played WoW (of course we did) tootling around with our PvP characters. I had to go on a septum of fire quest which I remembered from my other Horde shaman. Man, I remembered how much I hated this particular quest the first time I did it. HATE! You have to find a dude waaaaaaaaay up on a mountain (which I’ve fallen off of more than I care to discuss) and once you do (and not fall off the mountain) he’s all “Oh, hey. Hi. Can you get me some things all the way down the mountain and then come back up? Thanks!” Oh. You. FUCKER! Don’t you know I can’t pilot up and down these damn mountains and you want me to go find you some shit and COME BACK UP HERE? NYRRRAAAHHH!

I’m beginning to think to myself that I can do without fire. Sushi is tasty, and you know fire is really overrated. Do I need this fire totem? (Hey, I’d never have to go up the mountain of perilous character driving again if I sort of ignored it. Yeah, fire is totally overrated).

Then we ambled over to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s and dropped off some broth. Mssr. Gonkweasel was dead sick this past week so I said I’d fish up some stock from our limited reserves. I think we only have half our freezer chest full of goose, turkey and chicken stock. The other half is full of cranberries. We stayed a while and gabbed (one thing that sort of makes me a bit nervous about the whole kidlet thing is that it seems you start to crave adult conversation. Of course, I talk to myself all the time but again. Adult conversation) then left for Scott H.’s party.

Scott H. throws a pretty interesting party. He invites all his buds from all sorts of different places so there is always something strange going on somewhere. There is also usually lots of good and possibly organic food (he knows a bunch of granola people. ERRR…not people made of granola, at least none that showed up, but rather people who would totally be into the healthy granola thing. Man) and definitely food bought at Whole Foos or home made food. I felt a little guilty picking something up at K-Rogets but they were red hot blue chips so…partially granola? Tasty anyway. We all congregated in his back yard, which is the first time I’ve been out there socially (we took a quick tour once to look at the two story gazebo. It’s worth double the experience points as a regular gazebo) and were pretty lax and gabby. Then we were eaten alive by mosquitoes so we all came in and then all left.

I still itch. Damn mosquitoes.

Sunday I attempted to cut my finger off. Wheee! I was prepping spaghetti squash with a giant French knife and at first I just scraped up my right pinky when the stem nubblet went ricocheting all over the place and hit my finger on its way to places unknown. Then when the squash wouldn’t open up all the way I did my patented “wedge the knife in the squash and use it like a machete” trick but this time my left pinky finger somehow got in the knife’s path. Fortunately the bulk of the squash stopped the knife before it could sever my finger tip as my machete trick failed miserably. It did manage to bite a good chunk of skin right alongside the nail though (that skin runner bit next to the nail) so nothing was sheered off as much as it was cut pretty deeply. I’m still trying to decide whether it was an evil possessed squash since I have two injuries from the same vegetable, or just a misunderstood squash because I could have lost the entire end of my pinky finger but didn’t. Guh, this is squicking me out just thinking about it. I almost severed the entire end of my pinky finger! OK, la-la-la I’m not listening.

It’s not so deep that I tagged the bone, but it did bleed like three stuck pigs. Blergh! I think I went through two paper towels trying to staunch the flow and we were on the edge of contemplating an emergency room visit. However, we had squash just sitting out there half done and really, it was a pretty small (but deep!) cut that maybe could have fit 3 stitches if the stitches were really friendly. We weighed the option of going and waiting for four hours only to have them tape the wound shut, or staying put and taping it ourselves in much less time. Since the squash was mid prepped, we decided to let it bake while I applied pressure and if the finger didn’t stop bleeding by the time the squash was out, we’d go and wait. After a half hour there was much less spurting and more gentle oozing so we stayed put. Eh, I might get a really good scar out of this (Scarfinger?) but that’s OK by me. It’s not like it’s going to stand out among the other 9 million scars I have on that and my other hand. Seriously, I have lines and chunks and burns in alarming proportions on my appendages. It’s probably a combination of working as a cook, working in the theater and being a general klutz.

A hand model I am not.

After the finger scare, TheMan took over food prep since we were expecting Mumses and Mr. Paul for dinner. TheMan made some pretty tasty raviolis and sauce while Mr. Paul brought the tastiest French bread and mumses made a right mean salad. Tasty! Dort came over later (it was her birthday! I shed blood for her birthday!) and we watched The Big Hit.

Bet your weekend wasn’t half as exciting. Do you still have all your fingers? Thought so.

Gats doesn’t have fingers, but he’s watchin out just in case he gets some.

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