Cataclysm…a Warcrafty Post

So the expansion has been out for a whole day now and there is probably already a level 85 old race and a level 70 worgen or goblin. Why does cataclysm look so much like catechism?

TheMan and I made worgen characters with appropriate names of (I think) Naschy and Daninski because Waldemar was taken already and Paul probably is against the naming rules. Not role play-ie enough or whatever, people can get really dickish about names in the game. One guildie was reported for naming a toon Stoutheart or something like that (I really can’t remember anything but that his toon’s name was more role play-ie than a millionty other names I’ve seen) while Ieatbugs or Fishnsticks or whathave you run around all buggy and fishy. This is also why we didn’t create worgen named Soflondon or Wolfmanjack.

Anyway, the worgen start out in this town which is really heavily Victorian England styled and all the NPCs have British accents (and the PCs too I’d imagine, I forgot to turn the sound up and do some emotes on my own toon) and they are all in suits and bustled skirts and whatnot. Some werewolves attack, you go on a bunch of quests to save the town and somewhere in there your PC is bitten. They cure you and you go fight as a wolfman for the rest of your days.

Incidentally, the new expansion is chock full of cut scenes. Good? Bad? Cinematic!

Apparently you can morph between wolf and human which is good; my human model (you get to deck out both human and wolf in character generation) is really cute. Sadly my wolfy model isn’t as cute because some things are linked and I chose to go with the cute human model over the cute puppy model. Even sadder is that I can’t seem to find the “switch me back” button so I’m stuck in wolfy form until I figure that out. Supposedly we got it on a quest line somewhere around level 8? 10? but I haven’t gone through and searched all the places for the ‘turn me back’ button. It hardly matters though because every time you do anything class related you wolf out. In my toon’s case, that’s pretty much any time I’m attacked by anything since I rolled a warrior. Warrior’s generate rage, their class thing, whenever something hits them so every time I wander all humany through a zone with angry things – POP – wolf. I’ll have to ask my peeps if casting beneficial spells does the same thing.

Worgen are also constantly sniffing. Sniff? Sniff sniff. Sssssniffff. sniff sniff sniff. SNIFF!! It’s a pretty loud sniff too which gets old fast, although I was highly amused that it came through in one of the dramatic cut scenes. It’s is actually pretty cool that they did the cut scene the way they did since your character is there at the death of Whatshisnuts who saved everyone. After the bruhaha, Whatshisnut’s body is interred and the leader is giving a solemn eulogy and lo! That’s my character in the crowd!!!

Sniff sniff SNIFF!!!!

It sort of ruins the moment but is funny at the same time. Much like the Propeller Guy.

The other thing I did post haste was buy ‘flying everywhere’ and immediately went to Ironforge so I could fly over the top and check out that damned landing strip. Since day 1, any time you flew to the north (I think) or in from the north, you’d taxi over a battle going on outside the top of the city. They even had a little flight path looking area but you couldn’t ever get to it (unless you were a bored pantless Midglet doing the wall scaling trick somewhere in the hangar thing). Boy howdy I flew my 80 paladin butt right to the top of the town as soon as I could because I could. It was actually pretty boring and the flight point isn’t actually a flight point. On the other hand, they have a ‘tour line’ of planes which will take you to the lower accessible level of the zone just in case you were a pantless Midglet who scaled your way into the area.

TheMan and I did a little exploring of the new land along with a couple of quests just to see what was up. Have I mentioned that I love the flying thing? They split the Barrens up with a big giant cliff whatsit and some flooding but guess what? I GOT A BIRD!!! It is a giant pain in the ass if you can’t fly though so I’m not looking forward to worgening out in the area. I also found out that I can just barely fly from the mainland to Darnasses using my Pally go fast aura. What? You gotta try these things.

We did no adventuring in the new 80+ zones yet so that’s some excitement to look forward to. TheMan created a goblin just on account (heh) while I was napping and he says they are modeled after Jersey Shore. They got what you need!

2009: Today is Warcraft new patch day so we’re all investigating the brand new dungeon.

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2003: Now you’ve gone and done it, THEY will be most displeased. Yes, the giant ants.

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