Roy G. Biv of General Stuff

ROY! This is some of the trim work on the new Chinese buffet (Asia City). We’ve been there a couple of times now and holy cow do they have the food. They even have sushi!

Don’t do orange man. This is from my last year’s Black Friday walkabout.

Ahhh dish gloves. Why is it that the dirty dish pile grows exponentially compared to how many dishes you actually use? I could use a plate and a fork and by the end of the day I’ll have no clean bowls left. I didn’t even use any bowls!!

The Qs bought Pairs and Pears which we happily played last Christmas. It’s a fun game and better than Bananagrams which falls under the class of “games I hate because of spelling”. Scrabble and Boggle are in there too.

LunarGeography’s potato buckets. I guess this could have been for red too but anyway, we got a decent harvest this year from her hillbilly tater growing method.

I have the hardest time with indigo and violet. It looked like the dashboard posse had some indigo so here you go.

DQ’s new shoes. In the wild they come all white but once she has captured a pair she sets to work tagging them. They are really quite cool and I look forward to new shoe season to see what she has done.

2009: The original recipe calls for 4 cups of water, 4 cans of beans and more stuff which…after 4 cups of water anything else would have cause a crockpot tsunami.

2008: Fargin cold, now it’s gone and taken out LG!

2007: JSFR: Toppo (cassis mousse & orange liqueur)

2006: JSFR: Satsumaimo Pretz

2005: Have you ever tried to spell Good King What’s-his-face’s name? Oi! I can’t even say it correctly (comes out Whenshelsauce) much less spell it.

2004: Hee, Bob Newhart: Badass! That cracked my shit right the hell up, folks.

2003: They had best keep things like that because if Starbuck and Apollo jump in the sack, my brain is going to just outright pop.

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