MC TinyCat and Other Weekendry Things

Tess was a plopped in the cat bed with Her Crankiness. There was no bloodshed and not as much hissing and spitting as I would have imagined.

We started out the weekend with a trip to the vet’s on Friday because Tess’s snot nose had reached alarming proportions. The vet said Tess had herself a righteous sinus infection for which she was prescribed some antibiotics. We got the low down on what to watch out for and to bring Tess back in if her appetite fell off for 24ish hours. We also got her chipped while we were there and TinyCat took the opportunity to blow snot like some sort of demented cat-whale all over the vet office. Since we were in the area, we stopped by KFC for potato wedge fries and other dinner sundries but primarily for the fries. TheMan was having himself a FRY THING.

We also took Tess out of the cage on the drive home, stuffed in my coat for safe keeping. She traveled quite nicely and sounded better on the way back despite not having anything at the vet which would ease her snot-a-pult powers. I think the panic of being in the carrier added to the wheeziness while riding in the coat let her see what was going on and be nearer her people. Thus the way home was less moist than the way in. we spent the rest of the evening hanging out with kitties and watching more Bones episodes.

Saturday was spent doing a lot of nothing, a lot of kitty snuggling (and wiping up of snot), and prepping for Smithee Night Out. Tess seemed better although we kept an watch on her eating. We watched her stuff her head in Tycho’s bowl, then her own bowl and later we watched as she polished off Little Kitty’s food. If Tiny Cat’s appetite was waning then I was a pink hippopotamus.

By the way, the Hippopotamus song is a lot better if you change the lyrics up a bit. Like I want a hippopotamus for breakfast. Just sayin.

Also? Pudgy Devons are not nature’s most photogenic cat. Tess has a belleh!

Smithee Night Out went well even though it was on the same night as the Krampus party (I have no idea, it was some sort of costume party featuring a goat/devil/wookie/monster thing that went around spanking people with a fuzzy paddle). TheMan and I got in a bit late and were the only ones there for an hour, which made us sad. Then by ones and twos bunches of other people wandered in until we had 11 people. Niiiice. Around 9pm TheMan and I went home to clean up a bit (Tycho has a thing for my unders; he likes to drag them under the couch. I figured the guests didn’t need to see that particularly) and then a good grouping of people came over to watch a Smithee Movie (Yo-yo girl cop). We all decided that if we had ever read any of the anime (if there indeed does exist a Yo-yo girl cop anime series) we might have understood it better. As is, we were at a loss for most of the detaily bits even though we understood the general story premise pretty decently. It was a weird, weird movie.

Sunday TheMan and I finished up all of Bones season 3 that was available on NetFlix and lazed around. Tess was being super adorable and even snuggled with Vande for 10 minutes or so. Vande was not expressly happy about the snuggles but was persuaded not to smack Tess too much.

Ummm…catmom? Do I have to stay with the cranky old cat?
Shuddap pipsqueak.

I has a snooze!

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