Pictures! PicturesPicturesPictures! Happy Labor Day fun.

We got up early this morning because Mumses and Mr. Paul were going to zoom over but they were running a little late. So, I took the added hour and pulled all the crack crazy annoying tupper pieces out of the cupboard. We are getting rid of the Ziplock nasties and keeping the Glad wonder tuppers. Yay Glad! Some of the actual tuppers tuppers might be reintegrated but as soon as they look at me funny OUT they go!

Lookie Look! It’s here! It’s here! Yay! Something other than me to scrub the dishes and make them crystal shiny. And yeah, that’s about a foot of room between the stove and the dishwasher. It’s our weight loss incentive plan! Heh.

OK, we are going to do a little rearranging next weekend which involves dinking with the 220 line and moving the stove to the dishwasher wall – but further back so we can get out of the house – and hooking the dishwasher up where the stove is. For now we gotta suck it in to get out.

But of course “I” is wigging out. Here he is running around faster than the speed of light.

While the Little Kitty doesn’t even bother to open her eyes when I peek in on her. Huh? What? Oh well. Zzzzzzzz.

The plan was to unload the dishwasher (huzzah!) and load up the trailer with as much tree branch scraps as we could and then Mumses and Mr. Paul were going to take them…ahhhh…out to the country where they could live a happy and productive life? Not sure on the exact details but they had a plan for the branches and were willing to help us load them up and haul them away.

TheMan burned the bigger pieces and the barkier bits in the chimbly. Mmmm, roasted back yard wood.

Speaking of back yard…HOLY COW! It’s gone! The whole pile! That was at least three years of accumulated tree droppings as well as major ice storm fall out. Look! We have a lawn! (Or at least a large pile of dirt that could be a lawn…or my GARDEN!!!)

Yeah, that mower? Mr. Paul brought it with him along with a weed whacker. I thought he was just going to mow down the long long LONG grass around the feral wood pile but much to my complete embarrassment, he mowed our entire back and near back lawns. Twice. Plus he weed whacked the shit out of our yard. I feel like the world’s most incompetent lawn care taker (but on the other hand, Mr. Paul’s much more fun than lawn elves and probably cooks a better meal. I don’t know because I don’t have any lawn elves to cook for me since I don’t have any lawn elves at all. As evidenced by the lack of upkeep in the back yard. Le sigh) because it only took Mr. Paul maybe 3 hours of beating our bad ass lawn until it finally cried out for mercy. The lawn never cried for me. Maybe I need a bigger mower. And a mulcher.

Check this out, not only did we vanquish the main yard pile but there is no auxiliary pile either!

That which did not go up the chimbly was packed onto the trailer. Have I said lately how much my Mumses and Mr. Paul rock?

We hauled, we chopped, we stomped, we raked, we mowed (well, Mr. Paul did), we whacked, we burned, we dumped and after about three hours the Q house eye sore was no more. Mumses and Mr. Paul took off about 2ish and TheMan and I relaxed by the chimbly and fed it scraps.

A certain cat of ours was all angsty so I leashed him up and let him explore outside. That’s a clothes line since I seem to have misplaced the kitty leashes. Where’s the Little Kitty you might ask? Exactly where I left her several pictures ago. She is a sleep ho cat.

As you can see, Isaak doesn’t quite have the whole leash thing down yet. And he is incredibly dirty. He had fun sniffing the sniffs, though, until TheMan folded up his foldy chair and freaked the beegeebus out of the cat. Poor “I” went bonkers nuts and tore up his feet trying to get away from the chair, which he could only get about three feet away from because of the leash length. The kitty went in (he’s OK, his claws needed clipping so he sort of did it himself on the pavement. I evened them up when I brought him in) and we packed things up outside.

TheMan got a slight case of sun stroke (he’s prone to that sort of thing) so he drank and entire orange juice farm, took a cool shower and took a nap. Me? Why I got caught up on JSFRs. Go me.

Now it’s time to go to sleep because I raked a quarter of the yard, hauled a quarter of the pile and dumped half the wheelbarrow loads and I’m dead tired. See ya tomorrow for a more complete weekend blathering.

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