Constructionus Updatus

They have finally glassed over the top of the commons area. Mostly. Not that you can tell through the schmutz of the windows. We are all really hoping that they at least cleaned off the Tea Room side of the stained glass and the Commons side of the safety glass before they put the two together and sealed up the windows so you can never get to that part of them again. If not…oops.

Here’s a better shot of the glass ceiling, complete with snow hat. I’m curious as to how the commons will be lit because with the roof all snowed under, it gets really gloomy in the Tea Room. I think 5 of the 6 Tea Room windows now look out over the commons. Still, it’s a far cry better than their original plan of putting up frosted windows.

In the last construction update I mentioned that they were doing something bang bangity to the south of the glass ceiling construction. Apparently they put up a whole framework and are making a big area thing. I totally missed it until I looked out one day and HOLY COW! They’ve added another whole section of building! Sneaky construction guys. The window in the corner is a reflection of the one non-commons window in the Tea Room. They also poured the lower story floor when I wasn’t looking but the pic I got of that didn’t turn out at all.

The bridge shot pic of the mostly completed glass ceiling. The glass is at an awesome angle for wikid snow-a-lanches.

Save this section which they haven’t quite finished yet. Despite the holes (and how would it feel to be under a snow-a-lanch that fell on the unfinished side?) the construction guys are working with much less winter gear than looks comfy. I suppose once you cap off the area it gets warmer than the outside even if it still kinda looks like the outside.

Here’s an outside view of the new building part. I guess it’s the entry way from the outside to the commons area.

Across the street, the new academic building gets stoned. Heh. They’ve really been cooking along with the constructing…I’ll have to go over and get some better outside shots.

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