First of Three

I’m talkin’ about the 3 weekend, 3 work week, 3 weekend thing I planned and sadly, I’m now on the next of three which are all work. On the plus side, it’s me and one other coworker in the department flying solo. We are both really solo because she’s a Librarian so she is doing important Librarian stuff and being that she is the only librarian here in the department, she is doing ALL the librarian stuff. Me? I’m just doing my thang. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow because this space is for: [cue reverb]

The Mighty Weekend Recap

Brought to you in three day-o-vision.

Friday night was rerun night so we spent it hanging out on WoW. CrazyGnome Tan is now not only level 24 just shy of 25, he’s an ARTISAN herbalist and completely broke. I don’t think he has enough money to fly out to the area that was pretty lucrative because BROKE! It cost me 5 gold to become and ARTISAN herbalist and I believe he also needs two levels of Warlock training as well. Come on bear gall bladders, Gnommie needs a new DoT.

I think I can make at least a gold an outing, but I’m not sure what that is in terms of time.

Saturday we were supposed to play the PvP horde pair but I was feeling a little TVed out (or monitored out if you will) so I slept until 9:30 while TheMan and Mark-Matt dinked around. Then I got up and…did chores. Yeah, weird. About 11ish I finally signed on and we played a bit. Sadly, no fire totem was acquired because we totally were harassing the wrong set of caves which, naturally, didn’t have the quest items I needed. Then we decided to do another quest which involved running all over the damned city and that ended us up dead several times in an instance clearly meant for those more stalwart than us. It was pretty amusing to crest a hill and see 9 million little bad guy thing-it-things all wandering around in the valley beyond. We were optimistic that we might be able to handle them one at a time, but pretty soon we were just dead because they tend to come as a whole unit of little bad guy thing-it-things.

After that, TheMan and I got ready for turkey and taters dinner with fresh crisp and ice cream ice cream! with LunarGeography and Badmovie. And of course painful Smithee watching but we had booze. TheMan made his first turkey (awwww!) and it was wonderful despite the conversation:

Boo: Hey! Your turkey looks great! Is it done?
TheMan: I don’t know, it’s not my turkey.
Boo: You put it in.
TheMan: Only because you said “Put the turkey in” and then took off.
Boo: I left you Joy.
TheMan: Yeah, that’s how I figured out what temperature to roast it at.
Boo: Oh. Well, does it have a popper thingie?
TheMan: No.
Boo: Hrrrrm. Then we need a meat thermometer to see if it’s really done.
TheMan: Do we have one?
Boo: We should. One of those fellas over there is a candy thermometer and one is a meat thermometer.
TheMan: Which is what?
Boo: Look for the one that says “soft ball” on it, it’ll be the other one. Where’s your baster doodad, I’ll give the turkey a squirt.
TheMan: My what?
Boo: Baster doodad…you know, that thing you’ve been using to baste the turkey?
TheMan: Baste? You just said to put it in, never anything about basting it!
Boo: But I left you Joy!

The turkey gods love my man because that was one damned fine turkey. I plan on making soup out of the carcass because we don’t have enough stock frozen away. Well, we don’t have any turkey stock. Moving on!

The movies. Man, why is it that when you really need one thing to round (or even start) a category you can never find it? We watched Wolverine, which was about an ex navy seal who gets accidentally wrapped up in a drug smuggling operation and he has to go all commando on their asses because the drug dudes threaten his family and blah blah whatever. You would think with an explosion on the cover and navy seal and Italian drug lords that there would be some if not handfuls of overkill but alas (which there wasn’t any…oh wait, I take that back, there was one) not so much. We watched a second movie…ahhhh…I can’t remember what it was called but it was directed by, written by, produced by and starred Michael Heavener. Oh right, he did the music too. Fine, fine flick. We got an overkill but only in the last 10 minutes of the flick. Ahhhh!

We are running out of potential overkill movies. Where’s my overkillage?

Sunday we…must have played WoW before Badmovie’s game. Oh right, I remember. TheMan found the right cave to get the first part of the fire totem, which was like eating fish in a barrel, and then we went to get the other part. Part two was somewhere in the east of X place, so there we wandered. And wandered. And wandered some more and the more we wandered, the tougher the critters got. Finally I said that it seemed really weird to have a 10ish level quest be so fraught with dangerous shaman eating critters (for truly, were I to solo it I’d be nothing but dead). TheMan agreed so we popped up the quest log to read it again. Ah-ha. East side of X place not, say, where we actually are then. So we should probably stop going west and turn around because any more west and the critters will be handing us both our arses gift wrapped with little “thanks for the treat” tags.

East, west. Pffft.

I still don’t have my fire totem but it was time to go. We went, we had leftover crisp (which was really cobbler) which was just as darned fine tasty the next day as it was fresh (albeit less very very hot) and then we all went out to dinner at Godaiko. Yum sushi, except they were sort of having an off day so ‘eh’ sushi. We did visit the little Asian grocery store and…ahhh…I may have come out of there with a few more snack foods. Hey, that just means that I’ll have to do more reviewing right? Right! Which I did Monday and therefore I am totally justified. The love I have for you JSFR junkies knows no bounds.

Monday, why I did a special pictoblog for y’all detailing mostly the yard work. Dayum we did the yard work. Yard work is hard, much harder that WoW! I need a yard elf. OK, that’s it, I’m outta weekend!

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