The Krank

I think I’m coming down with an illin and both cats have been sneezing their fool heads off. I do believe the cold season is getting an early start on things here at the Q house and I can’t help but notice the coincidence: Students back in town/ developing cold. That doesn’t explain the cats exactly but: Students back in town / sneezy goopy cats. The facts don’t lie.

Le sigh. I don’t feel bad enough to be at home but work is sure a chore (more so that usual) because I have a slightly scratchy throat, a itty bitty bit of head muzzy and a dull headache that has taken up quiet residence in the back of my head. Since the weekend, it seems that I get just a little bit sicker each day but not enough to say “Wah, I’m Sick!” At least I’m not enough sick to be convincing at it, although that’s not stopping me from Wahing at TheMan (who is not sick, but very sore from chopping up tree bits) because “WAH! I’m Sick!” With my luck, I’ll just sorta ‘meh’ my way through a sort of cold and that would be the suX0r.

All or nothing, babE! This dragging with a 20% cold blows. Or drips. Or something.

Hey! I have some news about Scarfinger! I think last I left y’all, Scarfinger was still pretty raw and still pretty bandaged up. I kept Scarfinger under wraps (hee) until Wednesday because I’m always misjudging the healing process and discharging (eww) my boo boos too soon from their sterile caretaking. Thus, my boo boos tend to do well for a while until I let them out on their own recognizance, at which point they start to turn a bit. Then it’s back to the swabs and the band-aids and whatnot, so I decided to play it safer than I normally do with Scarfinger because Scarfinger was nasty deep.

Wednesday was Scarfinger’s first supervised visit outside for a couple hours after work (and in the more controlled environment of my house) in hopes that the wound would dry out a bit. Then it was a change of bandages and I put him to bed early. The same routine applied to Thursday and Friday; out after work, bandaged for bedtime. Saturday I went to just a band-aid for protection for the day and I do believe Scarfinger was wrap free that evening. Sunday was the first test day without any sort of finger protection and it went fairly well. I’ll probably have a nice scar and it will probably heal completely if I quit poking at it. That’s my other fault with boo boos, I keep poking them to see if they are getting better or not. This one is, I do believe, as there is no angry red and no pain (unless I squish it really good. Hey, sometimes you need to know the limits, you know?). Huzzah!

My big plans for yesterday were to get another quadrant of the back yard raked but after careful consideration, I decided against it. I’m probably a lot more cautious with pushing my body than I might need to be but my feeling is that pulled muscles don’t really have to happen. Not that I have pulled muscles, but I ached enough to wonder if I might should cool it a day, and then when I realized that my hands were becoming rather arthritic feeling towards the end of the day it was a clincher. Yeah, I could have probably raked but I’m glad I gave myself the day off. I’ll feel better for when I rake again, me thinks.

I am still rather bruised in the hands, pretty much exactly where a rake handle would lie if one were – say – raking the lawn. Fortunately, nothing I normally do is reminding me of this except for putting lotion on my hands. At that point, I am abruptly reminded that I have at least some bruising (invisible bruising as there is hurt but no color. Damnit, no color means no sympathy. Hrmph!) and that bruising is making my hands cranky campers. I don’t think I’ll get to raking tonight because we have after work (I had a mind fart and could only come up with “after school” for some reason. Heh) plans but tomorrow we are going to grill out and feed the chimbly. I can get some raking in then.

The small WoW update is: We did pretty much jack last night. Mark-Matt created another (!) character so we dinked around rather aimlessly and very chaotically and most unorganizedly. Meh. I did stop in town and discovered that my dr00d had some training to purchase (hooray humanoid tracking!) and somewhere I misplaced quite a lot of bolts of silk but all in all it was a very C/C+ gaming night. Meh.

Did I say anything about my new JSFs? We discovered that Tohato has been busy with the caramel corn and has two (!) new flavors out: Ice cream and Mango something-or-other. I didn’t get the mango because mango hates me, but I might go back and pick one up and just take notes as my Guinea Pigs partake. After all…Tohato caramel corn! They might actually become a category unto themselves if Tohato keeps up with the new flavors. We also found a new and interesting flavor of Pretz. It very might be a “Pretz meets Pocky” thing, we shall see. I’m going to have to go through my database and see if we have done tomato Pretz because them things are the yum. I have a box of it at home that we have slowly been devouring and now I can’t remember if I bought it because they are the tasTAY or if I bought it because I hadn’t reviewed it yet (and also because they are the tasTAY).

There were a couple other interesting things at the Asian Grocery store worth noting, like the individual pudding cups they had sitting by the entrance. Both Badmovie and I immediately saw them and took a shine to their beautiful puddingness. Is that scary? I think it might be. It also means that they are guaranteed to suck, which is sad because they look so delicious. And puddingie. They also had large containers of Poiful, which are like jelly beans (I think) and as far as I’ve seen, have only been available in the multi-mini pack of little treat things (in which you can also find Choco-babies). Whooo! Individual Poiful!

I also found, but didn’t get, three new flavors of Watering Kissmint: Purple, Pink and Silver? Anyway, three more colors other than Blue and Green. I hesitate to ask, but what is purple and minty? There was also a very cute mini pack of caramels in the same family as last weekend’s JSFR and again, Pocky. They make more flavors of Pocky than I can keep up with. TheMan found some hideous Hello Kitty something or other but I’m not talking about it. La -la-la, I can’t hear you!

(Exciting news for the archivists among us: We think we have rediscovered suction cakes. They predate my snack food reviewing, so they may actually be the Homo erectus of the JSFR world. I’ll be unleashing them next Monday to the unsuspecting Monday game crowd. Unless they all read the booniverse, in which case they are not so much the unsuspecting anymore are they?)

I can’t remember what else I was going to comment on, other than I’m still bossless and mostly coworkerless. I think this may continue through tomorrow which is fine by me because it’s pretty relaxing and I’m not here Friday when everyone comes back. SCORE! Well, if I do think of something important, I’ll have something for tomorrow. Huzzah!

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