Proctor Posting 2010 – part 2

2009: I should be more specific when I say I want a pony. 30 minutes of walking and already I have 3.

2008: Do you know what is awesome about today? Backlinking is made even easier because the first page of Decembers past starts with December 17th.

2007: Uh oh…splody.

2006: “I was fairly certain, once I got everything stacked and bungied onto the cart, that I could get the whole kit and caboodle rolling. I wasn’t entirely as confident in my abilities to stop said kit and caboodle once it got going.”

2005: JSFR:Sweet Potato Cookies

2004: (Hi mumses. I was going to give you a call about that but it seems like that hasn’t happened either. BTW, we aren’t bringing turkey).

2003: On the plus side, I ran into a really amusing error: W2 no such person. That’s just strikes me as funny coming from a printer.

2002: Suddenly, my sis or I would remember The Baskets and discover one last handful of goodies and maybe a bit of spending cash.

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