Hello Monday booniverse readers. Say hello to my new JSFR “helper”. I’m almost caught up with my post dating, how exciting! Don’t worry, I have extensive notes scribbled on a piece of paper (not to be confused with the Proctor Doodles which are just extensive scribbles scribbled on a piece of paper) for all these days so all I really have to do is get off my butt and transcribe them. Which I will commence to do thusly.

Monday! My notes tell me that I have a weekend review for y’all so here it is: Kitchen Madness! After my freezer fright wherein I discovered I only had one (or maybe 4) tuppers of stock, I got down to boiling birds. Pigs were thrown into a different pot and boiled up too because I was in a panic. Eventually I came out with 6 tuppers of bird and 4 or 5 tuppers of pig. All is right in the Q freezer land. I also made up a batch of somewhat spicy chili for eats and for the holiday parTAY at work (which was today but I’m not quite there yet).

All was not about slaving in the kitchen (which is actually slaving for maybe a half hour prepping the stock and then loafing in front of the TV or playing Warcraft for quite a while. Stock takes many several hours to cook down) though, we headed on out to the Brew Pub to meet up with Rob and Alice. Alice was all excited happy because she had a new ring to show off. It seems that Rob, the perpetual bachelor, is hanging up his bachelor hat and popped the question to Alice. She, of course, said yes and then got the biggest gosh darned ring I’ve ever seen and didn’t bankrupt Rob in the process either. Apparently Rob gave her a ring budget and she went…ummm…somewhere that sounded like a pawn shop but probably wasn’t and got this very fine ring for a very fine price. Maybe it was an estate sale like thing? Whatever it was, the stuff was previously owned but for sale due to circumstances.

Maybe I need to pay more attention to things.

Anyway, they do not yet have a date but they have ideas which will, I think, determine when the date actually is. TheMan and I were geeked because we were just that morning talking about how good Rob and Alice were together. Spoooooky.

My notes tell me “Godzilla is playing with blocks” which took me a long time to puzzle out. This is the bad thing about nicknaming Wikipedia “Godzilla” for I could not figure out what Wikipedia was doing with blocks. Did they do one of those funky things to their home page and have it all in blocks and why would I care enough to note that down? Oh wait, that’s Google that does funky things with their home page. So yeah, no idea. Eventually I remembered that I drew a baby Godzilla that TheMan took one look at and wondered why he had a bong. Or something else, which is not the most family friendly thought, in his Godzilla-y hands and I indignantly retorted That’s a block. Godzilla is playing with blocks. Because babies do that. They don’t play with bongs or whatever. Sadly, my block drawing skills and my bong, or whatever, drawing skills are about at the same level so I thought I ought to confirm what it is that baby Godzilla has in his hands.

Blocks, people.

Lastly I just want you all to know that the great tea crisis of late 2010 has been averted. I was down to just 60 tea bags of only 10 different varieties so I made an emergency tea run to pick up more. There might have also been actual shopping done as well because I am a wee bit too lazy to go shopping for just tea but whatever. Tea! Crisis!! I wound up with a new Tazo tea (wild sweet orange. It came in a very happy orange colored box), enough Constant Comment to last through 2011, Earl Gray and some camomile. Now I have 100 bags of tea and…more varieties. I could not find Lapsang Soushong though and I am right out of that. Maybe I should report that the tea crisis has been postponed and when I have Lapsang on hand we can take the tea alert level back down to green.

Today was the work holiday ParTAY which went smashingly. My work peeps can cook and as usual, there was a huge spread of all sorts of different foods. I made the chili, which I mentioned above, and made it much less zingy than I would normally have it at home. I took pity on my work peeps for the Qs love them some spiCAY chili. I also discovered some cool new recipe ideas: Curried potato salad and substituting Greek yogurt for mayonnaise. I will have to try that out one of these days.

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