Oh Mister Moon, Moon, Bright and…ummm…

Back in ought nine we got to see the moon once and this was the best picture I could get of it. Uphill, both ways, in the snow. Now get off my lawn!

So yeah. There was this lunar eclipse of momentous proportions, the like which we will never see again in our lifetime so TheMan and I set the alarms for the dead middle of the night so we could be up and witness this once in a life time event. Sadly we live in Michigan, the state that doesn’t give a rip about rare astrological events so when we got up (at 3-freezing o’clock-in-the-morning) the entire sky was bedecked in clouds. It was so overcast that I couldn’t figure out where the moon was and the moon is the biggest damned light in the sky. I mean, yeah you got clouds but usually there is at least some part of the sky which is a lighter muzzier moon shaped patch of light somewhere in the clouds which marks where the moon is. Not last night (or rather today I guess). I walked around the entire house in my jammies and slippers looking for the damned moon because I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a hint of it in the sky somewhere.

For cripes sake, it’s THE MOON!

Nope. So we didn’t even get to see where we were missing the huge astrological event. I shouldn’t be too surprised tough, the same thing happened on the most spectacular Leonoids shower in the history of ever (except I think it was cloudier) and one other once in a life time event. I’d say that if there is some sort of cloud event we’d be set but Michigan would probably be clear as a bell that night. Stoopid state. So instead of a set of lunar progression pics, you get an old recycled blurry moon pic. Because my state hates you.

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