Proctor Posting 2010 – part 3

2009; HEE!! I think everyone should call up random Wikipedia pages because this is fun!

2008: I’m not sure how exactly they could do any less snow removal than they have historically done except for maybe selling off all the equipment so they positively can’t do any but there you go.

2007: JSFR: Marron Pocky

2006: And if you are opening gifts on Christmas eve you’d better put them back in the box and rewrap them before my mumses finds out or you’re going to get into so much trouble.

2005: It also probably makes the room smell like cat ass but it keeps them happy and Isaak quiet. That alone is worth the waft of cat ass.

2004: Whoooo! Three cheers and a whoot for me today because I wrapped nearly ALL the presents last night. I rock!

2003: Hmmm, I think what sounded like bastard cookies was when you said “bastard cookies”.

2002: Hee! Say it in an Andy Griffith voice and it becomes even funnier!

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