Last of Three

Le sigh. My 3x3x3 is over and now I have to work a full 5 days. The horror! Fortunately, we had a really decent weekend, despite not getting everything done that we wanted to.

Friday was the day of Cider Milling! We took off the whole day from work because Wasems (lookie! Website! YAY) opened for the fall picking season at 9am on September 9th…and because dude! day off of work. TheMan and I planned this first day, first hour outing in order to procure us some plums for Mumses and Mr. Paul’s wedding wine, which we failed at most miserably last year. It seems that the really warm spell early on followed by the prolonged freezing spell wreaked havoc with the plums so there was only about a bushel picked. A bushel that was gone by noon on opening day when DQ and I drove over last year, so TheMan and I actually got up and got out there by 9:30ish, give or take.

So the plums, naturally, weren’t quite ripe yet and they didn’t pick them. Figures.

On the plus side, we got DONUTS in the best varieties ever offered at any cider place. Ever. I love these guys for their donuts. They have four base flavors times at least 3 different coating options, sometimes more, for a grand total of 13 different donut choices. That’s a far cry from the usual “Plain or sugar spiced” that you get at some other places. Plus, pumpkin donuts. PUMPKIN! You find me another place that does pumpkin donuts and we’ll think about maybe comparing your place to Wasem’s, but only if the pumpkin come in plain, glazed, pumpkin glazed and cinnamon sugar. Mmmm, pumpkin donuts.

We noticed a couple of cool changes to the place/operation, most notably signs. Yes, signs. Like “Apple Orchard this-a-way folks” signs along with their URL. To this I say, “It’s about time!” Wasem’s, while located fairly directly in the middle of things map-wise, is actually on the corner of dirt and dirt in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, their neighbors are three corn fields and a bean field. It’s not the most direct driving experience since you have to jig here and jog there and the main road keeps wanting to drive off without you long before you actually have to leave its wonderful paved presence. Now, I don’t mind dirt roads, heck I grew up driving (like a mad thing) on dirt roads, but the orchard is not just on a dirt road, it’s on a dirt road off of a dirt road in the middle of planted dirt. So signs? Whoooo!

We picked up a ton of cider (yum!) for apple wine but did not get around to making any on Friday. We were the lazy; I think we took a nap. Or something. Maybe we hopped on WoW for a bit. Yeah, let’s go with that since I know we played a bunch of WoW this weekend. We did watch the Friday line-up to which I say Atlantis? Feh. There wasn’t nearly enough McKay and entirely too much Sheppard. Rhonin shot Sheppard twice, which amused me greatly, but there was not enough amusement to offset all Sheppard all the time. Galactica was, as always, pretty darned cool. I love me some Olmos. And may I say there was quite a lot of skin showing there on Apollo with the towel drop. He either waxes or they did some post production photo shopping. Or he’s a natural blond. Heh. Wish I had TiVo. Stargate, which we missed at 8 but reruns at…errr…later, was a Mitchell focused episode that wasn’t too bad, considering. I really hope Browder can find his own character in the O’Neill light with a dash of Crichton they are writing for him.

Saturday was a.m. WoW PvP horde characters day. If only I had more acronyms for that sentence. Heh. Anyway, gaming crap ensued and nothing earth shattering happened worth noting, except that we scouted the next area our horde characters would wander into with our alliance characters Sunday. Eh, just happened to be wandering through, thought we might take a look see. Multiple characters at higher levels rock.

Oooo! Speaking of Horde, I conquisted all the dishes Saturday. Go me! We also fired up the dishwasher and ran our first load of mechanically washed dishes. Huzzah! Except we promptly ran out of dish soap so I was back to conquisting by hand. Feh. At least we know the dishwasher works and cleans dishes when it has soap. Huzzah technology! Hmmm. Horde vanquishing, laundry, (but no raking, despite my surprise attack of the lawn Wednesday night) shopping, and making turkey soup were the highlights of my industrialness, which was vastly peppered by laziness like no other laziness that has been seen on this earth. I don’t think we even really got dressed Saturday we were so lazy.

It was bliss.

We watched a couple (re: lots) hours of TV as well, catching Tremors, Law & Order: CI, Escaflowne the Movie and something else. Probably Law & Order or Charmed. As always, Tremors was just a whole lot of fun. I love that movie for its simplistic yeehaw nature. Oh! I remember what the other show was, they had a run of Law & Order: SVU on that we watched. Right. Anyway, after the SVU-a-thon, they had CI (criminal intent. I think) on, so we decided to watch it and see what it was about. I really like the original L&O with the two part police/trial thing they have going on (very good for those who suffer from Shiny! syndrome) and SVU is not so bad either. CI? Meh with a side of Meh.

I’m not sure what doesn’t work with CI that works with SVU because I’ll happily watch SVU (or better, the original L&O) for hours but one episode of CI is really all I ever want to watch. In fact, it’s about one episode more than I care to ever watch. Can I have my hour back? I don’t think you can take the police investigation part of L&O and stretch it out to a full hour of show unless you have some good actors or include a little something extra because the L&O half hour police investigation is pretty dry. SVU has some pretty good actors, CI? Not so much. It’s not that they are bad (and I was amused to discover the male lead was Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket) they are just…bland. CI also has some pretty atrocious writing staff as evidenced by the following logic flow: Eye witnesses describe the perp wearing a dark jacket. The chief of police has a dark jacket. The chief of police is our perp!

Ahhhh…what? How? Err…?

Yeah. Moving on.

Escaflowne the Movie. We have a new standard for gauging the WTFness of things here at the Q house; if it makes less sense than Escaflowne the Movie, it either needs to be taken out and shot or quietly euthanized. I’d rather watch 24 hours straight of Law & Order: CI that sit through Escaflowne the Movie again. Why did anyone think they could pare down an 11+ hour anime series into a comprehensible 2 hour movie? News flash: Can’t be done. At least, can’t be done well. I think the movie people took a look at all the stuff in the series, cried for about a day, and then gave up and just took random 5 minute clips from each of the 26 episodes and called it good. Most of the characters survived in name and maybe with one or two personal quirks along for the ride but a trait and a name does not a good character make. The plot didn’t fair as well, sadly. There is a mecha suit, a different world and flying ships but don’t go looking for any deep hidden meaning. Unless that deep hidden meaning is the plot itself, in which case you can join me in wondering where exactly that went to.

I did like the whole ‘Escaflowne gets its cloak’ sequence which looked like some crack head CAD designer’s meth induced nightmare. What started out as a plate of demonic spaghetti fighting with the animation cells eventually resolved into a wire frame cloak and then wala! Cool wavy Escaflowne cloak. There was also this whole grisly vampiric thing going on with the mecha suits that was…cool in a ‘brrrr…creeee-py’ way. Other than that, a few martinis and a cynical mind might get you through this travesty of a film.

Sunday we played even more WoW, which was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while. TheMan and Mark-Matt got out their high level characters and escorted Tan on a shopping run. We (they) were taking names and kicking butt all the while I was looking for some tasty fine herbs to further Tan’s skill. Sadly, I finally made it to the artisan trainer only to find that Tan needs to be level 35 before he can partake of the artisanship. Only 8 more levels!

I think my eyes are bleeding just thinking about that.

TheMan made the start of cranberry wine last night until the blender caught fire and he had to run it outside onto the concrete. Fortunately we were done with the blending, unfortunately we no longer have a working blender. Note to selves: Do not attempt to blend 16 pounds of cranberries without a small break between the blendings. I’m just sayin.

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