End of the Work Year

My last pic of the Law School in 2010.

As usual I worked the long shift today, the last work day, and was one of the last people out of the building. It’s really kind of fun to close up the work place for the year but it also means I get an extra long lunch since closing is an hour after I usually knock off fo the day. Thus I went browsing down to Main street.

I picked up a new brick of origami paper on account of having folded the last piece of the last brick a few days earlier. I do believe I got the last brick to fold wee cranes as table decorations at my wedding so it’s lasted quite a while.

I took the new block for a test spin and discovered the dimensions are slightly smaller than the last brick. Hmmm. Wee wee cranes. The one on the right is the new paper.

I also stopped at the cupcake station to pick up some wee cupcakes for my coworkers, but after a bit I decided that I’d save the cupcakes for diner with LG and Badmovie. Honestly, we’ve had goodies all week so I don’t think my coworkers missed cupcakes. I almost didn’t want cupcakes myself but they were so small and cute and some looked downright tasty. I recommend the caramel-chocolate-coconut one modeled after the girl scout samoa cookies.

Then it was back to work. Work work until one by one all my coworkers left and it was me and the rest of the closing crew. Goodbye 2010 work year.

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