Big. Ball. of HATE!

I was in a mood yesterday. Copy bastards? Pissed me right the hell off. Over redundant work procedures? Pissed me right the hell off. University traffic? Pissed me right the hell off. The color blue? Ohhhhh man. The color blue was the worst offender. So yeah, some things made sense (and all you people who have to drive during a class change know ex-ACTLY what I’m talking about) while others didn’t and there was really no rhyme or reason as to what exactly was tripping my switches save to say things just were.

One of my chief cranks lately has been the whole 9/11 spectacle. I’m not saying that we should just merrily sweep that under the rug and go skipping blithely on with our lives because 9/11 was pretty horrifically huge and needs to be remembered. That said, would y’all politicians and limelighters mind stopping with the wearing 9/11 like it was your personal martyr badge? I’m beginning to really hate this time of year with all the DRAMATIC SPECIALS and SPECIAL REPORTS and blah blah dredge it up and parade it around, again, for everyone cakes. For the first anniversary that was very appropriate because you just can’t let go of something that big so easily after a single year. Maybe it’s good for two years but at some point in time you have to stop picking at the scab and let it heal. It’s been four years now, can’t we just remember the tragedy instead of reliving it every single year?

Being in the crank that I was in, I did what every red blooded American does when they are Having A Day: I crabbed at my husband until he made me the center of the universe. Heh. Actually, I told him that I was having a really high maintenance day and that he was expected to flatter me and bend to my every whim, or at least pay double extra attention to me because I was cranky. Damnit. You want to know how cool my man is? Aside for one “Wow, you are even more high maintenance than usual” quip, for which I cracked his head open with my bare hands and ate his math center in one mighty chomp, he stepped up and was extra special nice to me. TheMan loves me, yes he does.

I feel much better today, mostly from some extra TLC provided by the one and only TheMan, and a good night’s sleep (but mostly TheMan) so the color blue is safe. For today. The student pedestrians, however, remain as always, on my shit list.

I just have a bunch of trivial unrelated tid bits for y’all today so you can either stick it out and maybe be amused or come back tomorrow to see if I have anything worth while to say. Personally, were it me I’d stay because I’m so freekin bored I’ll read ingredient labels to keep me amused. Mostly that’s because all the blogs I have book marked aren’t updating so there is nothing to read but ingredient labels. Y’all need to hop to and update before I expire from extreme ennui over here…hey, I’m doing my (marginal) part.

You know, for all you three or four readers.

Hey! JSFR junkies! I have been working like a mad thing on JSFRs and I now have September and October completely booked with reviews. Like clockwork I tell you, I’m good until Halloween or so. This does mean that I don’t currently have any JSF to review (aside from suction cakes, which I am saving for the Monday night crowd to try) so…road trip! What?!? A boo’s gotta have her JSF, you know? I also have a pretty good idea what I’m going to pick up for the next batch of snack foods: Some chocolate freezer mochi caught my eye as well as the last (for now) flavor of Tohato caramel corn. Good times. Now if only I can convince TheMan that we need to drive over to the other side of town. Hmmmm, perhaps I can get Rob to invite us over, he practically lives next door to My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store.

The weirdoes have been obnoxious pains in the ass lately with their constant demand for kitty love. Isaak has been warbling his anxiousness at me 24/7 (well, a cat’s 24/7 which is more like 8/7 since they sleep all day but man…that’s like a job!) and no amount of kitty time seems to help. I have a feeling I could scritch him until the cows come home but the minute I stopped he’d get all “meeeee-OOOOWWWWWW”. Little kitty isn’t much better but at least she isn’t so loud. What’s up with my cats?

Oh! Also they can quit the whole “follow me into the kitchen and then race ahead of me lickety split down the stairs” any time now.

Oh HO! Here’s some more trivial stuff that was rather topical yesterday. Y’all know the fortune cookie thing where you add “in bed” to the end of the fortune? For instance (I happen to have a couple here with me, lemmie grab a random one…) “Sometimes even love shows a re-run in bed (hee, even funnier – and my favorite belligerent fortune: “The greatest danger could be your stupidity in bed). That sort of thing. Anyway, TheMan told me that there was something like that for commercial jingle but instead of “in bed” you add a slight pause and “bitch” (but say it as a nice catty ‘biotch’. Trust me, the cattier the biotch, the more amusement there is to be had). Here’s one we came up with: “Taste the rainbow…bitch” or “They’re magically delicious…bitch“. Anyhow, we were wandering through the jingles we knew and came to Sara Lee. I wanted to say “Nobody does it like Sara Lee” while TheMan is more familiar with “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee” which…either one makes sense. Some people are all about the “does it” while others are all for “doesn’t” so I took a gander at the official Sara Lee FAQ page and lo!

What is the slogan for Sara Lee Bakery?

a. Nobody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee!
b. Nobody Does It Like Sara Lee!
The correct answer is ‘a’. In 1968, Sara Lee introduced what was to become one of the most famous slogans and jingles of all time, �Nobody Doesn�t Like Sara Lee�. The jingle initially began, �Everybody Doesn�t Like Something, But Nobody Doesn�t Like Sara Lee� as a tune with words and music by Mitch Lee, creator of the hit Broadway show, �Man of La Mancha�. The response was immediate and incredible the theme proved thoroughly hummable, and the words well, the rest is history.

Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (except for in Kansas). I had no idea there was enough confusion over the jingle that they made a whole factoid just about that very debate. Sadly, my version is the incorrect version. Damn you, Sara Lee.

From food to wine we go, naturally. We have cranberry wine 2.0! Whoooo! Yeah, I know we went and picked up cider for the express purpose of making wine so why all the cranberry wine hooha? Well, someone took the berries out of the freezer and let them thaw so we had to do something about them in a more timely manner than the six gallons of cider which we were able to stuff in our fridge. Well, it was in our plans to do both and…errrr…the freezer seemed much more organized after the cranberries came out so…ahhh…right! Moving on.

Six gallons of cider is a lot of cider to have stuffed in a fridge.

Last night I reinstalled Black & White again, which I axed a while back because it was pissing me off, and when I fired it up it asked me if I wanted to resume my game. Whuh? That was weird. I blitzed the zombie game and started over again and damn! The help dudes that show up all the time are really annoying. I had forgotten about them. Shut up helper dudes. Gah! I did have fun zooming around grabbing things and tossing them around, I’d forgotten how fun that is. Wheee! Sadly I only got a little bit into the game so I don’t have my avatar cow yet but I can grab trees and plant them willy nilly. Not that I did…much. Heh!

That’s about all I have, see ya on the flip side.

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