Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house we’ve been pretty gosh darned lazy. Today begins the first day of Christmas vacation and so far I think we’ve accomplished sleeping in. We wr0ck the lazy yo. We also got our presents in order since we’re due at Mumses tonight for Christmas Eve merriment but other than that, not much else is going on because we’re on vacation!

TheMan and I are doing Christmas Eve dinner so I do have to hit Whole Foos before heading on out (pork wellington and bread and I might pick up some tasty tasty cheese because WHOLE FOOS!) so I guess our reign of slothy terror will be ending soon. Meanwhile enjoy some Christmas lights I’ve been snapping.

Above please enjoy…ahhh…something definitely ice sculpturey. I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be unless it’s a melting Christmas tree. Maybe? Who knows.

Tree angel is slightly more lofty than earth angel. I have a millionty snaps of this tree too because it was really hard to get a good(ish) pic even though we were walking and I did all that holdy breath stuff for clearer pictures. This is the best I got.

Same with these lights in the Quad. This was the only really fun decoration stuff too which is festively sad. I miss the students who bedangled the Quad trees with ornaments or the ones who ran Christmas lights outside around 4 different dorm rooms.

Of course the lack of Christmas ornaments in the Quad trees is totally made up for by this guy’s bike. He was parked outside of the brew pub and left his bike on while he enjoyed a nice tall one.

I do not know how he ever drove this bike since it cycled through many different colors all shiny and hypnotizey. I’d have an accident by the end of my driveway if I owned this thing.


2009: Or maybe there was someone else but they are now locked in MUAHAHAHAHAHA!.

2008: Am I packed? No. Do I even have the laundry done to pack? No. Are the presents wrapped? Pssssht. Horde? Still going strong. Do I feel like a nap? Oh hell yes.

2007: I have no idea how the front of the table and the window in back are both in focus and none of the people in between are. I guess I’m just that good at taking pics or something.

2006: JSFR: Fruits Pretz

2005: Heisa, dann ist Weinachtstag!

2004: Look at the colors…

2003: I’ll be sneaking back later in the quiet wee hours after Christmas when I’ll gut you and eat your innards. I’m so HUNGRY ho. ho. ho.

2002: I’m going up north for TheMan’s family holiday AND I’m still wearing sandals! I could not be happier. Have a happy Christmas y’all.

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