The Pre Weekend Ramble

Yup, looks like another SAST in the works. Enjoi.

I’ll get the WoW update out of the way first because I know y’all are dying to know what we did with our cyber critters (hi mumses!). The short answer is NOTHING because the servers went down like a thing that goes down fast and doesn’t come up (The Titanic? A $3 ho? A slippery cough drop? You decide!). We tried to log on…OK, *I* tried to log on because the Windows machine is ASS and sucks big things that suck a lot (I’m partial to ‘globby moose wang’ but don’t let me harsh your creative buzz. Go ahead and fill in the blanks yourself if you feel the urge to be an artist. No hurry, this entry isn’t getting any better) while TheMan was happily puttering all over the place. Ptah! I spit on Windows machines (perhaps that is the problem?). Anyway, I was able to “log in” if by ‘log in’ the game really meant I was able to only get partially materialized, which is materialized enough to see the landscapes and people, but not materialized enough to see certain textures which never finished loading. Thus, since clothes were one of these certain textures, I was treated to an eye popping spectacle of EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IN THE NUDE. Guah! You do NOT want to see gnomes in the buff. Believe you me. Alas, being that partially in the game meant that I couldn’t pilot my character around or even log out. I had to hard quit the game four or five times (AHHHH! Nekkid gnomes. My eyes! My Eyes!) and then I couldn’t even get to that point because things were hanging up at the ‘authenticating my password’ screen.

So I went to bed. At 8pm last night. Man. At least I had no nekkid gnome dreams.

Before the chaos that was my damn assed windows machine that bites the bitey thing not playing WoW, TheMan and I went out to eat. We were really only shopping for brat buns until we saw a new (to us) Korean place near Bush’s called…errr…LoWong? BoWong? Ah! BeWon. Love me the Google. Anyway, both TheMan and I have a soft spot for Korean cuisine and it was a new (to us) place so we decided to give it a go. I got Bi Bim Bop (because really, there is no other Korean dish now, is there? Mmmmm, Bi Bim Bop) while TheMan got something or other pork what-sits. Ding Dong? I don’t know. OK, OK, OK! TheMan likes him some Korean while I really just like Bi Bim Bop. A lot. Sheesh. My secret’s out.

We ordered our dishes and some edamame for an appetizer (yeah, I was sort of wondering about that too but Japan is close to Korea right? Just go with the flow!) but to our surprise, the dinners came with a whole raft of stuff. There was a bowl of Kim Chi (which…eh. TheMan likes kim chi a lot though, he will tell you it was good), a bowl of green see weed like stuff that wasn’t bad but wasn’t ambrosia either, a bowl of pickled daikon radish (oh man, that stuff was the BOMB!) and a bowl of some other veggie whatsit in what I refer to as Bi Bim Bop sauce. Red spicy sauce stuff. Tasty. The upshot was that we were quite saturated with food and really shouldn’t have gotten the edamame, but then again the menus might have mentioned the parade of before dinner dishes.

The main meal was meh, and then I let the Bop sit a while (cuz I was yabbering) and suddenly it was FREEKIN GOOD! Very strange. If you do go to BeWon’s and order the Bi Bim Bop, let all the flavors get to know each other a bit because it will go from a nicely meh dish to “Woah! This is the TASTY!” TheMan’s pork Ding-a-ling was also very good, says he.

Also pretty darned tasty are Snackwell’s sugar free lemon cream sammich cookies. Hey, they were really close to the brat buns.

Skipping back to Wednesday a bit, we caught Ghost Hunters which I am finding a very amusing show. I’m also happy that they run two hours of Ghost Hunters: the previous week’s episode followed by the current episode. How did Sci Fi know that TheMan and I always miss one week of Ghost Hunters because we forget to tape it during TheMan’s game? Every single time? It’s like the schedule was designed for our tape forgetting hinders. Sci Fi Rocks. Anyway, this week was pretty cool because they did some scientific debunking as well as catch some crazy unexplainable stuff on camera. Yay ghosts!

They caught some weird phantom door opening action in this one attic room that was connected by a closet to another attic room. The door did a funky open, then sorta shut, then ZOOM open thing (so not, say, just gliding open due to settling or whatever) which they caught on one of their sit there all night cams. I do like the way they do their investigations with all the scientific techno geek toys and a nice healthy dose of logical debunking. If I weren’t so nervous about the whole dark thing (and didn’t live about four states away) I’d look them up because they have the coolest stuff to play with. Infrared cam? Count me in. Low light cam? I’m so there! “Oh yeah, I’m filming ‘ghosts’!”

I do have one rather cranky crank with the Sci-Fi channel though, since they are doing all the show filming. One of the people being “haunted” was with Ms. “X”, who wanted to remain anonymous so her neighbors didn’t think she was loony toons. So the Sci-Fi cameras oblige her wishes by showing her entire house from the outside. Way to keep the anonymity, like all the neighbors aren’t saying “Hey! That’s Betsey’s place!” I also caught the house number in one shot so even if all her neighbors are somehow addled in the brain and couldn’t tell from the full frontal house exactly who Ms. “X” was, why look! Address. Mrrmph. At least she had ghosts. Yay ghosts!

Alright, that about sums everything up. The Qs are down state this weekend so we are going to be going out for dinner time chow. Hopefully Outback is to everyone’s liking because guess what is just down the plaza from Outback? Why it’s My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store! Whooooo! I’m low on the JSF people.

Oh, and also, tomorrow is a rerun to Wasem’s to pick up some plums. And cider. And donuts. Mmmmm, donuts. I’m getting hungry.

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