Christmas Fallout

Man, I love vacation…I have no idea what day it is!

So Christmas happened, mostly. We still have another wave in late January (provided DadQ’s knee replacement surgery recovery is going well) which is kinda fun. It’s taking the Q family traveling Christmas show to extremes.

Back at the boo family Christmas, TheMan and I wandered over on Christmas eve with pork wellington fixins and cheese because I stopped off at Whole Foos to get the pork tenderloins and I can not leave there without cheeses. I’d have loved to leave there without puff pastry though because that was absurdly expensive. I think the last time I did this dish I forked out maybe $4 for 2 sheets of Pillsburry or Pepperage Farms or whomever’s puff pastry and that seemed reasonable. Whole Foos? Had their $11 single sheet puff pastry on sale for $8. Of course I saved all my last minute Christmas eve shopping for one store and since Whole Foos is the bomb for good meat cuts, I figured I pick up the pastry there as well. I knew it would be more expensive since that’s pretty much Whole Foos but on sale for eight dollars a sheet of puff pasty? That pastry better give me a massage, gas up my car, do the windows and have breakfast ready for me in the morning. I’m just sayin.

It was not all that either so save yourself the disappointment of ludicrously priced pastry that $4 pastry accomplished just as good but twice. $11 my granola farting hiney.

Anyway, we put out a pretty cheese appetizer spread with our fanCAY cheeses as well as Mumses’s solid domestic cheeses which went over really well (Unikaas cheese FTW!). The pork wellingon was a hit as well and there was tasty tasty side dishes and tasty tasty desserts. then it was time to put Michener Everett Nefling to bed and crack out the Santa-ing. This is the first year ever that I’ve played Santa and I’ll let you in on a secret: Santa swears. A lot.

“Santa” got the Nefling this car racing track which came completely disassembled from all its parts as well as from all its stickers so “Santa” had to figure out which sticker went on which part and THEN which part went with which other part. “Santa” is not so good at stickering but “Santa” is stubborn and after much much ranting about the manufacturer and their directions, the track was finished. Then “Santa” discovered that the track only worked with the specific car that came with the track and because “Santa” might have been keen on how many cars “Santa” bought for the Nefling, we all had to wade through the copious car collection to find the one that looked like the car on the race track picture. After “Santa” found the right car, “Santa” discovered that the track really didn’t work like it was designed to which caused “Santa” to laugh at “Santa”.

Santa is officially no longer looks like a word.

So yeah, it was a lot of fun but also kinda disappointing in the end that the track wasn’t as cool as my sis had hoped when she got it home. Meh.

Double meh was BroIL who came down with a stomach bug and was up all night puking when he wasn’t passed out waiting for the next wave. Poor fella.

And now, the mostest funnest part: LOOT!

Michener Everett Nefling and his new ‘copter. There was a bit of kerfluffle surrounding the dealership lot of matchbox cars the nefling got in that Sally, my parents new puppy, thought they might be for her. So she kept taking off with this car or that which irked the nefling to no end. Much gnashing and wailing of toddler commenced and went on pretty much all morning long.

TheMan’s and my presents kept having tags on them which said “Because you asked for it” but for the life of me, I could not figure out what I wanted that was 2 feet by 3 feet and heavy enough to crush an ottoman. Turns out that was a square baking stone (in some hefty packaging; the stone is only about the size of a large baking sheet) and one that I had coveted because our round one is…round. We seem to do a lot more square baking which gets stylistically interesting when you only have a round stone. The heavy mantle clock sized box was French onion soup bowls that I had also coveted, which I was all squee about once I realized what they were. We’ll be stylin the French Onion Soup in no time.

I also got a “Traditional” gift with this elephant booz and awesome heavy elephant etched shot glasses. The glasses have a nice weight to them and they have elephants. Win-win!

Sis and BroIL were super awesome cool despite packaging our present in that stupid blue and silver box that won’t die and keeps showing up every year. Upon opening the box which will not go away, we found presents for Vande, Tycho and Tess in the form of generous PetCo gift certificates for each cat. How cool is that? Now all I’ll have to worry about is one cat getting cranky about the other one eating their food. Or sleeping in their bed, or whatever we intend to use the cards for (really, it will most likely be food).

DQ joined us for Christmas day so there was pie (YUM!) and more fun before the day was done. Then it was back home to our own Christmas where I unveiled my gift to TheMan

SPORKS! In titanium! I also got him a Gin and Titonic ice cube mold.

He got me a cute little puzzle box with 4 pairs of earrings he’d picked up over the year. The blue boat ones I had coveted at ConBust but then someone else bought them so it wasn’t meant to be…until Christmas. Clever TheMan.

Boat earrings and penguinos!

Owls and hearts.

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2002: Well, it looks like we are about to do holiday cookies (better late than never) so I am going to have to get the power book off the table. Laters.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I feel ya on how words don’t look like words when you look at them too much. I was helping out a teacher friend by grading some papers for her and I went bonkers and began doubting that the spelling words were even words.

    I think it’s hysterical that the puppy ran off with the kid’s cars.

  2. Boo Says:

    The whole puppy-nefling-car incident did indeed have much humor if you weren’t the nefling or the puppy I suppose.

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