Groundhog’s Night

Man! I spent last night sleeping in one to two hour increments having two types of dreams. The first were a series of those incredibly ordinary dreams about incredibly ordinary things that people do every single day. What’s the point in even dropping into REM sleep if that’s the result? Dude, I get mad at the student peds All. The. Damn. Time. when they cross willy nilly in front of my car, why do I have to be dreaming it? And I can not count the number of times I’ve been shopping and had to back track to pick up an item from an already visited aisle, I don’t need to be dream trucking it from the veggies to the bakery and back.

But wait, there’s more! Take those quality dream images and intersperse them with the dreams where you are dreaming that you are still awake trying to go to sleep because you have to go to work in the morning. I woke up from one of those and had a moment of really bad deja vu. The topper was the space between waking up from my mundanity to trying to go back to sleep while TheMan, who has him a cold, snored away in my earball. Asleep. Damn him! Or wait, was I just dreaming that I was trying to get to sleep while TheMan snored? ARRRRGH!

So short long, I had ASS for sleep last night. And I’m cranky. er.

I took a bunch of pictures Saturday for a pictoblog which I haven’t yet bothered to pull off the camera. Yeah, there will be some post dating, maybe. Or maybe I’ll get all inspired and do some picto-magic tonight and release both these blogs bidda boom bidda bing. Except the Saturday picto-goodness would technically be post dated wouldn’t it? So, I guess there will be one post dated post and one…oh my lord, this blog is turning into one of my damn dreams of mundanity. Gah!!

Do you hear snoring? Just checking.

Mer. Seeings as I haven’t done any picto-anything, I’ll just give you a brief summary, or resummary, depending on how this goes, of events of the weekend. All you booniversites who are bored silly about my TV Friday recap or my WoW blatherings rejoice! Friday we did neither. Instead, we went out with Mom and Dad Q to Outback Steakhouse. Mark-Matt suggested it and I endorsed it whole heartedly because Outback is just a few stores away from My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store which has the best and most interesting JSF! *squeee* I was doing the happy new JSF dance all the way there. JSF…dance dance dance…JSF…dance dance dance. It’s quite the number, actually.

Sadly, the Qs were delayed and dinner was pushed further and further back until they finally arrived…somewhere around 8:30. I had hopes that My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store kept late hours but alas. It appears to close sometime before 8 as there were no lights anywhere as we pulled up. All my snackfood candidates locked up in a lonely and dark store. *cry*! There was absolutely no joy anywhere in Mudville, I am new JSFless. *sniff*

Outback was pretty tasty though, despite the fubared JSF run.

Saturday we went back to Wasem’s and got plums (and donuts and cider. Yum). The plums, about a peck and a quarter of them, got pitted, squished and wined so now we have two working wines for the Q fall season of winemaking. Neither of them are apple, which is still the easiest damn wine to make. Plum wine was pretty painless in terms of prep, but somewhat painful in terms of work. Slicing and pitting a peck and a quarter of plums isn’t bad, squishing and mashing the plum pulp up is. Oh, and also resting your forearms on the ridge of the fermenter bucket is ill advised as well. It may be comfy for the short haul but it bruises something fierce. ow. The plums were all pulped out in a mesh bag (our first mesh bagging of frooty things) which was rather interesting when the whole stirring of the sugar came up, for the sugar was also in the mesh bag. Hmmm! We bungled through, first trying a dip and jiggle method and then later giving that up in favor of opening the bag back up and stirring in bageo, and now we have a working, perking, pretty purple plum wine going.

I’m all a flutter about wine ideas for next year!

Check this out! I got up early (at least I think I did) and did some Norditracking. I’m trying to get somewhat back into shape and have set about a tentative plan wherein I get up early Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do a bit on the Norditrack. Ten minutes wasn’t too bad, but it’s going to take some time to get used to the whole Norditrack stance. My major accomplishment for today was being able to scootch my toes back into the toe holders while still moving the skis in the proper(ish) Norditrack exercising fashion. That took about nine of the ten minutes to get that to come naturally, but now I sort of wonder if the old hands at Norditracking don’t even have a shoe slippage problem. Hmmm. I still don’t have the hands thing down yet at all, although I did try it a couple of times during my ten minutes of getting to know my Track. The whole hands thing is a little weird. If I don’t use the pullit things, my shoulders ache from holding my hands on the hand grip bar but if I do use the hand pulls I feel like I’m perpetually falling forward. Hrrrm!

I guess I just need to do more time on the Track eh? This week’s goal is to get up early three times and do a ten minute work out each day. I might try for fifteen minutes next week as I really ought to push myself but I’ll be happy just getting in three tens at too damn early in the morning. We’ll see.

Well I’m bored, how about you?

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