Picto Kitties!

Tess taking stock of tings from the kitty bed. She is getting a little more fuzz here and there but not as fast nor in places that I would like. Her belly is still quite nude but she grew longer fur on her ears…which already had quite a lot of fur. Silly kitty.

We got Tycho a harness and a leash for the eventual outdoor wandering. Abbys can be leash trained, or so they say, so we stuck him in a harness and let him wander around the house. He isn’t really keen about this new development.

Pirate Tess. You can really see the lack of belly fur in this pose. This is also one of Tess’s favorite places to be; up on her peeps.

Here’s another of Tess’s favorite places.


“See ya, gotta go sit on the register and grab some socks. Or feet. Or whatever I can while I’m down under.”

“You know what I would really like? That mousie over there isn’t going to throw itself around the house. Do you think you might find the time to give it a chuck or two?”

“WHEEEE! I want the drooly nom-nom!”

“Ummm…Now that I’m up I think I really might like to be down.”

“Is it entirely safe for him to be up with the Chthulhus?”


Oo-mox are always appreciated even if the cat is still up with the Chthulhus. We popped Tycho up onto the shelf since he had spent the whole day trying to get up there himself. Once up Tycho didn’t seem as excited to be on the shelf as he was to get onto the shelf.

Cuddle interruptus.

It never fails that when they are doing something really cute and you go get the camera they get more interested in what you are doing or in something else that is happening. We tried to get a shot of them all sleepy curled up but getting the camera disturbed them and then something else caught their attention. The missed cuddle shot was so cute the whole block got diabetes from the sheer sugary cuuuuute.

I did not miss this shot though. D’awwwww!


2009: We’re chilling Up North so I thought I’d do a Up North meme. Enjoi.

2008: No really, BEHOLD! because project 3B took me almost exactly two years to make and assemble.

2007: JSFR: Kit Kat (Green tea milk)

2006: Does Lagniappe sound like a cross between an Italian dish and some sort of lung malady to you?

2005: Eventually I went and got a hot cup of tea, my buffalo socks and my slips and sat in front of the fire. Now, I’m almost warm…almost.

2004: TheMan and I made the mad s’getti sauce for dinner Tuesday and are going to try the Wok Killing Fish Dinner on Thursday (we have, hopefully, a non wok killing plan in the works).

2003: I went up, noted again that the sink is draining slow and said “To hell with Cheetos!” (yeah, it sorta spooked me too) and I made the special trip back down to get the darn Draino.

2002: Well OK then, my bad. The twelve days start at Christmas and continue through to the 6th of January (25…26…27…) Errr, the 5th of January.

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