Who Has Dreams about Itty Bitty Talking Messenger Owls Named Pinkerton?

Apparently I do.

Why Pinkerton? Maybe my dreamscape mind thought that was the perfect name for an itty bitty messenger owl. Who could talk. And who was probably THE most annoying itty bitty talking messenger owl in the history of dream itty bitty talking messenger owls. My owl was also the world’s laziest itty bitty talking messenger owl for when I sent him off to deliver a message, he waited until TheMan was driving somewhere and hitched a ride. Pinkerton then proceeded to hop up and down the bottom part of the steering wheel humming notes as if the lower portion of the wheel were some sort of touch pad keyboard.

TheMan showed as much great restraint in my dream as he does in real life because he never once yelled at Pinkerton for asking 7000 annoying inane questions or playing imaginary keyboard on the steering wheel. It was only when my owl started up with “Are we there yet?” that TheMan snapped, grabbed the owl and chucked him out the window. I woke up disgruntled at TheMan for tossing my owl out of a moving car yet I couldn’t really blame him. That owl was like three spoiled two year olds after a plate of frosted brownies.

Where did Pinkerton come from anyway?

Another sleep related incident yesterday dealt more with reality but was still freaky weird. I was home sick with some head something or other (which involved a fever-whee!) that had me out like a light until 1pm. Sadly, I didn’t feel much better after five solid hours of dead to the world sleep so I puttered around for a couple hours and then went back for a short nap before TheMan came home. At 4:30 I was tucked in, at 4:33 Isaak was snugged up in my knee pit and at 4:45 the air conditioning started making Weird Noises. Grrr. So I turned it to fan to let the compressor rest and retucked myself in while Isaak resettled himself back in my knee pits. Fifteen minutes later, the AC unit (which was on FAN only) made the god awfulest grinding chugga noise and then proceeded to spit little bits of shaved ice at a high velocity out the blower. Some of them hit the nightstand and some of them hit the floor but I think a lot of them pegged the cat.

I didn’t see him for about twenty minutes after that, he was hunkered so far down under the bed and wasn’t coming out for nobody. NosireeBob. Eventually I did coax him back to the top of the bed but every time something made the slightest noise he would jump three feet in the air and look accusingly at the now silent AC.

Poor kitty.

Heh. I didn’t get the picto-blog pictos done because…err…I sort of forgot which card they are on. And I’m lazy, but it’s a justified lazy since I didn’t want to have to muddle through two cards to find a bunch of pictures. OK, maybe it isn’t a justified lazy. How about ‘I was sick’? Better?

Oooo! I almost forgot the two high points of the day! We have a third wine brewing now and yes, it is apple. It’s also the happiest of the wines since it started up with the burbling right away and now it’s foaming and belching. The plum and cranberry are also happily perking along and the house smells like…ahhhh…fermenting fruit. Which isn’t the most pleasant of smells.

Heh! OK, here’s a funny, I think. I woke up this morning and took a big morning breath and thought “Geebus! What’s dying?” and then, since it seemed to be all around me, I thought *I* was exuding the stink of stanky stink. It took me a while to realize the wine stink had found its way to the bedroom and that I was not, in fact, fermenting.

My other joy? ***JSF***! DQ is my hero! She stopped by My Favorite Little Asian Grocery store and picked up a caramely fella, a Tohato goodness and MOCHI! mochimochiMOCHI! She rocks.

OK, gotta go, gotta go!

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