New Year’s Eve Eve

The cats prepare for New Year’s Eve.

Welcome to the pen-penultimate day of the year which I shall now deem French Onion Soup Bowl day. We invited Alessar over for general hanging and bad movie watching but first I took a trip to the vet with Little Kitty and TinyCat. Both have been a bit snuffly lately so I decided to grab both and haul them on out. TinyCat hasn’t really gotten over her cold from a while back which I thought she ought to have by now. I’m wondering if she gave Little Kitty more snuffly cold since Vande had been doing OK but now she’s gooey. The vet said “Hmmmm” and gave TinyCat different antibiotics (eye drops that will soak down into her sinuses. That’s creepy but cool at the same time). Vande got pills which…there is really no good way to medicate that cat. The tube of goo we got last time wound up more on her chin and face than inside and pilling Vande isn’t any easier. Her short stubby face makes it hard to open her mouth and once it is open, it’s a tiny shallow thing which has a Ph.D. in pill spitting.

Of course I stopped at KCF on the way home, because it’s on the way home, and picked up some tasties for dinner that included much mashed potatoage. What? We had titanium sporks to test drive! I feel all upper class trailer trashy with my special fanCAY sporkage. Since I had gone to KFC, I decided to head out via M-14 rather than the very circuitous route through town to get back to I-94. M-14 is a straight shot north from KFC about a mile out with a weird entrance ramp configuration. They revamped it from the days of yore a while back so I was trying to remember how it was reconfigured the new way before I had to make any actual navigational decisions. What I hadn’t realized was that the entrance ramp deelie had been re-revamped recently and now suffers from Roundaboutitis.

What is it with roundabouts? I swear that the roads have become pockmarked with roundabouts in the stupidest places. Geddes road has 3 of them bang-bang-bang as you are trying to figure out how to get on the expressway or go over the bridge. I’m glad that the few times I’ve had to go that way there was sparse traffic because damned if I know how to navigate a roundabout. Other than go around them, that is. I’ve got that part down. They do jack for clear road signs too, which brings me back to KFC and the WTH ROUNDABOUT??!??! moment wherein I didn’t have time to figure out where I should be before I was somewhere else. The nice thing about roundabouts, I suppose, is that you can come around again at your exit if you miss it the first time from not being able to read the millionty directions in the one posted sign 10 feet before your exit.

Why roundabouts? WHY!!!

Once I got home and we had our noms with our fanCAY sporkware, Alessar came over to deliver a present and watch movies. Alessar doesn’t usually give us gifts, although if he sees something that screams “THE Q’s!” than he’ll pick it up so with great amusement we unwrapped another set of French Onion soup bowls plus a tureen that matches them. He was a bit sad that we had already gotten F.O.S. bowls but we had only gotten 4. Now we had 4 more PLUS the tureen so it was a neatly inspired practical gift of awesome.

This is more than I can say for our movies: The Ghost, from 1950something, a decent telltale heart kind of thing, and Wushu Warrior, a modern day ninjer movie. I had no idea they still did white guys do Kung-fu better than Asian guys flicks but I was proven wrong. The only redeeming feature was that Max Headroom makes an awesome bad guy.

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