Actually New Year’s Eve

Mary and Joseph contemplate taking the baby Jesus to the Corner for New Year’s Eve. It’s a family friendly place and since there is no smoking anywhere ever in bars or restaurants in Michigan, the baby Jesus won’t get any second hand smoke damage. Plus, Third Coast Kings are playing and they are a really good funk band. The baby Jesus likes funk music.

I will admit that I am post dating because we were out until past midnight and I wanted to get this in on the 31st. Which I can’t if I want to get the whole evening in.

Friday dawned all Friday like, which is to say that TheMan and I didn’t see it because we slept in. Hey, vacation! We did get up earlyish (say…10 or 11) and sign on to Warcraft in order to get to 85 before the end of the year. Not that we got anything special for it, but both of us sort of wanted to check off “Ding 85” before 2011. This we did and there was much rejoicing. Now we have to get geared up to do raids and whatnot. Ugh. We also took the Worgen out a bit and doodled around, but mostly it was a push to get that last level. We finished up the new Mount Hyjal area, the underwater area (got a new sea horse pony!) and were about a quarter of the way through the Twilight Highlands when we hit 85. We have yet to even see Uldam and most of the Highlands.

After the strenuous leveling stint we took naps. What? VACATION!

In the evening we ambled on over to the Corner Brewery and their New Year’s Eve bash. They had Third Coast Kings playing which were awfully awesome to listen to. TCK are a kicking funk band. Sadly, the brewpub was packed to the gills with people but it was weirdly warm enough to hang outside pleasantly. TheMan and I did just that with our beers and kielbasa for the first half of the evening. It must have been 50 degrees out which…crazy! It did allow the bar to be less crowded than it was last year since many lots of other people had the same idea. Later on we lucked out and snagged a table so we brought in the new year all comfy like.

We came, we saw, we drank and then we walked home. Happy 2011!

2009: I have a birthday secret! It involves bowling!

2008: Happy New Year, eat well!

2007: I feel like I should do a year in review or something. It would probably look like this though: WoW (the game), some books but not as many as I wanted to read. More WoW (the game), my grandma died, even more WoW (the game) and some work. That’s pretty boring.

2006: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (seaweed)

2005: It sounds like a pretty cool retirement thing, puttering around after your travel bug and then going to all the places.

2004: After that fun and excitement, and breakfast, the fam (minus TheMan and I) decided to go out shopping for stuff and stuff and they game back with a GPS receiver.

2003: Have a happy New Years all of you out there, we are off to feed the bunnies and grab some coke.

2002: Ding! Beer.

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