Tess and Tycho’s New Year

Someone (NotNamingNamesTYCHO) had a bit of a wild night last night at the Q house. Too much catnip to bring in the New Year I suspect.

I suppose because he tore down the couch cover, Tycho decided to move on to better pastures and take down the afghan that usually hangs over the top of the rocking chair. Perhaps he was trying to get at the Cthulhus again.

Whut? I wuz chasing mousies. Srsly! They had to be chased. For the good of catkind.

That boy is crazysauce. I’m going to hang here where it’s safe and kitten-free.

Tess, meanwhile, plays a little Warcraft with us…

…and then it was time to nap.


Nap. With an eye out for mousies.

Since it is Saturday, it is cat maintenance day. Cats got their claws trimmed and their ears cleaned out. Vande and Tess get some crazy dirty ears (it’s a breed thing for both of them) and neither really likes the process. Tess spends a good half hour slinking around with flat ears and a cranky disposition.

Her disposition isn’t helped any by bath time. Tess’s lack of fur and her propensity to crawl under things like the dresser make for a dirty, dirty kitten.


Tycho the ever curious wonders what’s going on up there. The sink is a wonderful place to pl-er…that is he hears from the grapevine that the sink is a wonderful place to play. Not that he would ever jump up into the sink. Only bad cats jump into the sink to play. He can’t figure out if Tess is being a bad cat or if this is something different. If it is, he might like to try it.

I’m outta here!

Sadly Tess lasted the whole bath despite many valiant attempts to escape. She is not amused.

Very not amused. If we could all just go to hell that would be fine with her.

We invited some people over for New Year’s Day movie watching and Tess decides that she would like to go home with DQ.

Tycho finds LG tasty!

Vande still hates everyone and everything. She didn’t even get mentioned in the title of the post. Fuckers.

Tycho and Tess decide the other couch is probably safer now that cranky cat is out. Tess still hopes that DQ accidentally puts her coat on and doesn’t notice it is full of kitten.

We opened the Rumtopf and had it over home made ice cream. It was very boozy indeed but the fruits were still crisp. Weird! Next time I will add as much sugar as they say even though it sounds like they are on CRACK.

Speaking of crack, Tycho kinda liked the boozy Rumtopf dregs.

Sean Whose Name is Nate and the kittens say Happy New Year.

2010: 2010…the year of the zombie apiecalypse. Are you prepared?

2009: I hope this year goes a little slower than last year, otherwise I’ll be writing ‘2010. Wow (the expression)’ tomorrow.

2008: One of my New Year’s Intentions this year is to lose a little weight each month.

2007: The North American Zombie, distinguished by its eerie glow and plaintive call of “braaaaaains”, is seen here nesting in its native winter habitat: The North American 3 Foot Fake Christmas tree.

2006: OK! This is much better than giant face eating bugs. YAY Porchsicle!

2005: Latish morning we did the Q house traditional shrimp eating and New Year’s Day parade watching with a helping of general loafing. Mmmm, shrimp sauce. Mmmm, loafing.

2004: So yeah, I think my new year’s resolution might be to not eat so much shrimp ever again in one sitting.

2003: Right now, the plan of action is to pop the kitties outside.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Hey, I appeared in your blog! Huzzah! It was nice to meet the kitties (including Vande for the first time). It was also good (by which I mean bad) to watch Devil’s Rain, though it would have been awesome if the first choice of movie hadn’t been a Classic Smithee.

  2. Boo Says:

    Huzzah! A SWNiN sighting on the booniverse! Yeah, I’m bummed about the already been done movie too. Sadface.

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