I Know What You Did Last Sunday

Auspicious start for the weekend with the rain and the glum but it’s cider mill day and the hey! Could that be a reflection of the truck? And the cameraboo? There IS no cure for my goofiness.

I’d have pics of more of the morning but the camera’s batteries go pfftz. So, a detour to Walmart is in order. Hooray new batteries!

And then it’s back the same way we came cuz..err…well…neither of us is sure how to get to Wasem’s from the Wall-Mart side of town. So we go this way! Or…err…that way. Or…err…right! Well, anyway eventually we’re back on track and off to the cider mill!

But not here. We have to go much more rural.

No worries, we have cider mill geekery. Booyaw!

Hooo! Signs! Pretty.

There it is! And I think you’re looking over the bean field. Or one of the corn fields. But there’s Wasem’s! Hooray!

And did I not say Wasem’s was at the corner of dirt and dirt?

The front. I totally forgot to pick up some squashes which are what are in those crates in front of the building. *sniff* We got donuts, plums and cider but no squash.

We gots plums. Tasty tasty plums for plum wine.

It’s just artsy. Yeast in mid action. And of course TheMan’s cute fingers. Heh.

After wine we went to play some KoL but alas. I have a Windows machine so we do a complete wipe and reformat. After an hour it’s only at 50%. Wah.

Not even Yoda can help, this machine’s gonna need a while to rethink its sins.

Here’s the Mighty (crazy) Tan fighting something or other. TheMan is doing the driving since I’m still watching BSoD sssslllloooowly reformat itself and I had some quests the CrazyGnome had to complete.

The Little Kitty don’t much care about Yoda, BSoD or Tan, CrazyGnome Warlock Extraordinare, she just wants some love. And she also wouldn’t mind if I stopped flashing her in the face with the bright light.

Isaak just hates you. He can’t help it, it’s in his nature.

There’s the promised Picto-blog from last weekend. Whoot and all.

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