Late Weekend Review

What did we do Friday? I know we didn’t watch the line up because it’s on tape and we still haven’t seen Battlestar but what did we do in lieu of TV? Surprisingly it wasn’t Warcraft (bet y’all are pretty shocked by that news. I’ll wait a bit while your head clears and your breathing slows. Need a blanket? No? OK, let’s move (very slow like) onward, shall we?). Eh, whatever it was it either didn’t matter, mattered so much I immediately put it out of my mind or the Aliens stole the memory.

Maybe that was the night that I went to take a nap but first decided to read a little bit of the Bujold book TheRCK loaned me and accidentally wound up reading the whole thing. Or maybe that was the night TheMan and I had mad passionate monkey sex. Or both. But definitely not monkey sex on the book, that’s way too uncomfy. Heh. Well, I did stay up until all hours reading one weekend night so it might as well have been this night. Good? Works for me!

Saturday we did play some Warcraft with the PvP horde alts. It was neither terrible nor spectacular but I think all the reading and WoW made my poor brain go splody cause by 11am I was the toast (having only gotten on at 9). We wound up wrapping things up at noon or 1ish and then buzzed off to Mssr. Gonkweasel’s game. We haven’t played the Traveler game since the end of May what with work schedules (did I mention Mssr. Gonkweasel works for the Antichrist?) and all so I wasn’t totally in the Kimi zone like I should have been. That and I felt like my waiting for a break in the GM’s attention as he dealt with other people was somehow coming off as my character not doing anything. Meh.

I think we came home afterwards and I went to take a nap that lasted until TheMan came down from upstairs. At midnight. It was his evening to get caught up in a book and my day to forget to set the alarm. It’s all good.

Sunday was the day of mighty cooking (and book reading). I got up early-ish and decided to putter around the kitchen making breakfast. We have a package of beignet mix (hey! You can put fruit in them? Wicked!) which I’ve been looking at for about two months thinking to myself, “I ought to do up a batch of those” but hadn’t yet. Not any more! It was time to fire up the wok and make us some tasty beignets and let me say right now that these are the funnest things EVER to make.

Of course, they are deep fried which in itself is really fun. As a side note: Never deep fry an onion without first cutting it open.

The recipe, which is very basically ‘add water and roll’, makes about a zillion of these things so for two people it might be wise to halve it. I made, I rolled, I sliced (and I dropped one on the ground) and then…I deep fried. Muahahaha! They puff up like a three day old helium balloon you put in a freezer and they are really hard to negotiate with a fork. We don’t have a hot oil thing flipper, sadly. We do have a largish slotted spoon which seemed to work, more or less. More after I deemed it a better hot oil flipper thing-it than a fork, less than one of those real hot oil flipper doodads with the mesh screen and everything. We also don’t have a really good ventilation system if the oil happens to get a little too hot and start smoking like a meth lab gone wrong.

I am all about the…damn. I just forgot the word! Not simile…Metaphor! No wait, maybe simile. Hold on. Eitch. Simile. It’s been way too long since 10th grade English. Boo is to remembering the damn names of all the stupid English bits as Bush is to sensical speeches.

Back to our regularly programmed blog. Beignets are supposed to be dusted in powdered sugar but since someone in the Q house keeps forgetting to put powdered sugar on the list (because really, how often do you need powdered sugar? It’s not like milk where you’d notice the lack of it pretty darned quick after you poured your cereal) we had to improv the last handful and go with cinnamon sugar. They are really quite good dusted in cinnamon sugar. They are also not bad dusted still warm with the last little bit of powdered sugar you can manage to scrape out of the PS container. TheMan prefers the cold powdered sugar dusting method. To each their gooey happy melted sugar own.

After that, there was news afoot about dinner and a movie. Times were set, plans were made and TheMan and I cooled our heels until the rendezvous time by watching Stargate: Atlantis. I really dislike Weir in these two episodes, moreso than she usually annoys me. O! Great diplomat! Could it have killed you to let Colonel Skinner guy’s team to go along with your cool Atlantis team for some field experience? Nah, she’s just got a stick wedged so far up her hinder she can’t come up with notions like “Why not include Colonel Skinner guy’s on this mission in a back up capacity anyway?” Feh!

As always, we here at the booniverse fully endorse McKay and hope to see many more episodes with his brand of fun prominently displayed.

Then it was time to go! But! After dinner at A’plebes, we discovered we got the movie times all criss crossed and were smack dab in that dead zone of “no movie for about an hour”. We decided to hoof it back home for some DVD Sin City goodness (very nice visual stuff there) with plans to catch dinner in on Wednesday with a movie out.

We went to bed with a little bit of reading and then it was Monday, which is not part of the weekend. Sadly.

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