Please to Remember to be Writing 2011 Now

Check it out, I remembered to take a pic of my new printerscape.

Also when I got in to work today I discovered a hot wheels VW bug on my chair.

It has mud splashes!

Here is my new Bug on my printer with my former new bug that I never took a pic of when I got it. The same coworker got me all the bugs that hang out on my printer…I think there are 5 of them now. She’s a Hot Wheels/Matchbox junkie and occasionally she finds a Bug she thinks I need. She might not be wrong about that.

This weekend was full of stuff relaxing, worrying, satisfying, noodling, and exciting. Friday’s accomplishments included getting at least one character to 85 before the New Year and of course Corner Brewery.

Saturday was the first day of 2011 which we brought in by sleeping late. Mmmm. Poor Tess was still wurfly in the nose which kept me from getting a decent night’s sleep so I was kinda tired all day. There may have been naps too, but not with the Tiny cat. Instead, Tycho stopped moving for a millisecond and crawled into bed for naps. He’s a weird cat, when he naps he is out. I moved him from one side to the other when I rolled over and he sort of pudding catted into an uncomfortable looking pile. I had to check to make sure he wasn’t passed out or dead but no. He was just very, very mellow and fine with wherever he landed. This only lasted about an hour though and then he was off and running.

Tycho also has found the best! toy! ever! in the history of EVER! upstairs in the bathroom. If we don’t set the cold tap handle just so, the sink drips and that was AMAZING! Tycho wasn’t too keen on whoever was watering his head when he was investigating where the water went after it hit the bottom of the sink but the fascination of the droplets vastly outweighed his fear of being watered. Our boy isn’t the brightest bulb sometimes.

Sean Whose Name is Nate was in town so we all went out for dinner and then came back for Rumtopf and bad movies. The Rumtopf was boozy and could have used more sugar I think. It paired well with ice cream and we got to use both French Onion Soup bowl sets since we had 6 people over. Alessar FTW! (And also Mumses and Mr. Paul for getting us the first set.) The fruit was unsettlingly crisp which I was totally not expecting. Good? Bad? Very, very different. If I do this again, I am going to up the sugar dramatically to see what that does (I don’t know as I’ll go with the recommended half the weight of fruit in sugar because that was getting ridiculous). I might also use a brandy instead of rum. Might not. I might not even make it again. We shall see.

Our movies were a little disappointing because one (from the 4 pack that Mumses and Mr. Paul got us) turned out to be a movie we’ve already done…in year 1! We were very sad because we had 6 good clips by the 20 minute mark and then they said something that tweaked TheMan’s memory so we looked it up. Back in the day they hadn’t yet refined the parameters so all the awesome stuff never made it in which saddened us greatly. Where else are you going to see Christopher Plummer feed a rubber squeaky hamburger to a cage of mice while telling his subordinate to piss off? Mice can has cheeseburger apparently. Maybe we can use that as a promo clip or something.

Sunday I finally buckled down and started to wrangle the JSFR and booniverse. Crimony, I laxed a whole month! Tycho offered his assistance with the JSFR photographing which went as well as you can expect. I had to chase cheese crackers around the bedroom several times during the photo shoot since the cat took a profound liking to the packages and absconded with the photo subject more than once. He also is fond of strawberry Twinkie like cakes for whatever reason. Tycho also lent a paw (and mouth and body) to my crocheting project which I finally got out to work on in the evening. That too went just about as well as you might think. Kitty chewed yarn is kind of disgusting to work with, it squelches along with being cold and clammy.

Tess’s Sunday sucked since she went in for emergency vet care on account of not being able to shake her sinus goo. She got some sub cutaneous fluids, an extra shot of antibiotic and instructions to be moisturized with a humidifier. We don’t have one but we did turn off the dehumidifier (hopefully this will take care of my morning bleedy nose troubles too) and put a kettle on for most of the evening. We even steamed the Tiny Cat over the kettle which did wonders for her breathing. Poor kitty. Steam steamed not get miserable.

All in all, I think the vacation went fairly well. We didn’t get some stuff done, we got other stuff done, we definitely relaxed and I didn’t break the house much. I also don’t have to update every day anymore which makes me exceedingly happy. WOOO! except I’m still getting the posts in from December. I have notes for every day, now to transcribe them. What did I mean by “Godzilla is playing with blocks”?

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2004: I don’t know if that’s good, but it certainly feels good mentally to be up off my ever growing ass and trundle around getting some exercise. Baby got much back.

2003: I might not get much work done for a day or two. Heh.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Did you get any pix of Tycho with said snacks? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Also, why were you running a dehumidifier in the winter?

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