I Think I Might Be Rambling

Alllllrighty then! Public blog apologies to TheMan who is a very shy guy indeed and would rather I never mention “monkey” and “sex” in the same blog entry ever again. Oh…oops. Sorry. I’m probably also not supposed to mention that even though he is a very shy guy, he does posses one very cute butt.

I am so going to get busted for that. Heh. But it’s true!

ANYWAY, enough of TheMan baiting because he’s a very shy guy and rather I not. I’ll just move on to the Things I Checked Off My List Of Things To Do yesterday and say that I feel quite the grown up. I do I do. After much angst, because I happen to belong to the A2 Angst Credit Union, I finally convinced them to let me take my money out of my checking account. This has been an evolving story starting with (entirely my fault) an unexpected gap in fundage and ending yesterday when I convinced them to reactivate my checking account so I could actually do checking. Oi!

My credit union is both very cool and full of the floating suckage so I can’t tell from one day to the next whether I’m supposed to be pissed off at them or give them a big ol’ hug. On one hand, they give me a discount for AAA so YEA! On the other hand, they wouldn’t let me put money in my account to cover a bounced check because I bounced a check therefore…I must not be able to put money in? I’m still trying to figure that one out but at least everything’s good on paper and I can go about my happy bill paying business.

I will say they have the worst automated phone system ever in the history of communication. It just beat out DTE for The Suck of all Sucky Automated Phone Systems and that’s really hard to do because DTE’s automated phone system gives me both hives and seizures every time I need to use it. The Credit union one ups epileptic hives because they SAY that you can stay on the line for the next available operator, however then the message loops and gives you the options again. The trick is to wait through several loops until someone actually picks up, which is completely counterintuitive to the way every single other business (including DTE) sets up their automated phone system. Typically there is either Muzak or dead air, which tells me “Please hold, we are looking for a person for you”, while a repeated list of options tells me “Yo, dumbass, pick an option already”.

I secretly think my credit union is just putting the Angst in Angst Credit Union and avoiding talking directly to people. Bastards!

The other To Do that I Went Did was to check out the Birkenstock ‘send a shoe in for repair’ gig. I really need to get the old killer Birks (interesting note: They refer to them as “Birkies”, which probably explains a great deal about my shoes’ homicidal tendencies) refurbished because the new killer Birks are already looking quite worn. So, while I was doing my To Do List phone madness, I looked up the number for the Birks place way over yonder. Guess what? I realized the corner shoe store that I always walk past at least several times a week going to and from work is, in fact, another branch of the Birks place. Sahweeet, I love when the shoe gods smile on me. They kept up with the love too because sending the shoes back is as easy as checking ‘please make my shoes less cranky’, stuffing the shoes in a prepaid mail bag with a check to cover the cost and mailing them away. It can get no lazier than that.

Speaking of lazy, one of the Qs did not do the dishes last night. Neither did the other Q. Thus, no gold stars on the “complete the To Do list” for us. Eh, you can’t win them all.

I did make a nice pot of bean soup. Beans, lots of beans, lots of beans, yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We had to stop on the way home to pick up the beans (and hammmmm) and while I was there I inquired as to where one gets hammmm bones. Aint nothing finer than a nice batch of split pea with hammm soup to keep you fed and warm in the fall. MmmmMmmm! Sadly, they were out of hammmm hocks (and that is another thing I’m having difficulty with, buying soup carcasses. Somehow paying for carcasses to boil for stock seems wrong. If you are going to be making home made soup, then you should do it the proper frontier way and cook a thing for dinner and use the leftovers for soup. Arrrr!

Oh wait, I think I just channeled pirate.

Where was I going with this? Soup…carcass…Ahhh, right. Hammm hocks) because someone snapped up the last 11 hocks and ran for the hills. 11? What can one possibly make that needs 11 ham hocks? That’s almost three pigs (I think). Jeebus, people chill with the pig, it’s not like they are an endangered species. 11 hocks. That’s ridiculous, that’s not even funny. Plus, it means I get no hammm hocks until Thursday if I can ever get over my whole soup stock bigotry.

For those of you keeping score, last night was another Warcraftless night. Wow! (the exclamation, not the game) Has it been almost a week since we logged on? I think I’m beginning to feel a little faint…hold on, was that a heart palpitation? Why is my hand all shaky? My vision is blurry! BUGS!!!

Heh. I’d like to crest 30 already but apparently we have better things to do. I need two of me…no wait, three of me. One to work, one to play Warcraft, and one to read all the books I have piling up. BAH! I forgot chores. Damn, that’s four. Maybe I can get away with three and divide the duties up so each one of me gets a chore like thing and a fun like thing. Worker boo can come home and read, chore boo can play WoW (the game) after finishing the To Do list and work out boo can watch movies. Maybe I’ll have a monthly rotation going so everyone can do a bit of everything. After all, I wouldn’t want work and chore boo to feel bad ’cause they still had the giant Cheeto butt going.

Tonight is the dinner in movie out night (with DQ, who I forgot to mention was in Sunday’s plans as well. Also, hee! I originally typoed “donner” for dinner. Gives a new meaning to “Two men enter, one man leaves”. Can you make stock out of long pig?). Corpse bride ho!

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