They Say it’s Your Birthday

“Your” being my sis and anyone else born today. Happy Birthday to yous! But mostly happy birthday to my sis ‘cuz I know her and not the rest of you January 7th birthday having lot. You are welcome in sharing my Zen sister birthday picture though, just leave some Zen for her MmmKey?

Today my baby sis is (mathmathmath) 38 years old. Is that right? Yeah OK I did my maths right. Little sis is OLD yo. Wow.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to her, here are some short but true things about my sister.

Sis once went bumper sledding around the campus roads. I understand bumper sledding is when you get one fella on a sled holding onto the bumper of a car while everyone piles in the car and drives pell mell about the place. I also understand that campus security does not approve of bumper sledding.

Sis once got 11 people into a Ford Mustang. To be truthful, it was the sedan version of a Mustang and apparently the trunk will hold about 4 people but you can’t close it. If the cops should happen to pull you over for driving over capacity, I am told that the excuse “We are on our way to bible study” will get you out of a ticket.

What will not get you out of a ticket is dying your hair blond. True thing – in the space of a week and a half after my sis went blond, she racked up 6 tickets and 12 points on her license, although she will contest this because the cops didn’t show for 3 or so of those ticket hearings. The crazy thing about this whole incident is that she got at least 4 tickets for the stupidest things: Going 5 miles over the speed limit (not reduced to 5 miles over, she was going 50 in a 45. Who tickets for 50 in a 45?), turning right on red on a no turn on red street (where I have seen a millionty and a half people do the very same thing and gotten off scott free), Passing on the right (did you know that you can not pass someone on the shoulder? Streuth! If you roll over that white line you are BREAKING THE LAW! Also, who tickets for that?), and “running” a red light (she was at one of those 5 lane weirdly diagonal streets when the light turned yellow. The cop was on the other side and since it hit yellow when she started and was red when she got through, he tagged her. This one she didn’t win when she went to court although she should have because it takes about a yellow to proceed through the diagonal).

Sis and her dog Gatlin won a prize for most awesome dog trick at Bark in the Park. She did the ‘bang’ trick and since there was a large crowd of people watching, Gatlin hammed it up spectacularly. (The ‘bang’ trick is where she would hold her hand like a gun and holler bang. The dog then fell over and played dead…except on his good days Gatlin would stagger around, whine and then collapse over most spectacularly).

Sis once drove non stop from SE Michigan to Key West with a friend of hers and my dad. They did switch off drivers and the very next year my sis got her driving license.

Sis once had her knee smashed into so hard that when she was lying on the ground she could turn her head and stare her toes right in the…toes. She didn’t do much of that though because it really bothered her to see her leg twisted 180 from how it should be. Apparently sis has defective kneecaps which don’t lock down properly so when a volleyball yoohah crashes into her from the side it’s very easy to dislodge the caps and they tend to go walkabout. It also hurts like the beegeebus she reports.

Sis, on the whole, is pretty cool.

2010: Thinking up Sis anecdotes and not updating.

2009: Sis is pretty old.

2008: And say, here’s the best for last: Today is my sis’s 35th birthday. Happy birthday sis! She celebrated by driving back from Florida.

2007: I mean…38? Whew!

2006: JSFR: Flute wafers (chocolate)

2005: [Sis] HaaaaAAAAAeeeiiii can’t meet you here tomorrow.

2004: We did a bunch of stuff together, or not so much ‘together’ as simultaneously because ‘together’ implies some sort of cooperative interaction.

2003: I call this meeting to order. The first item on the list is: Happy Birthday Sis!

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