I Think I Might Be Sinking

Argh! I have had that damn line from that damned Led Zeppelin tune stuck in my head for DAYS! I’m hoping that by posting bits of the song I can Ringu it onward so that it pesters someone else. Sometimes I love you booniverse readers, sometimes I hex you with Fragmental Zeppelin Tunes.

I have a thing about Zeppelin tunes; there are only about five that I am 100% certain of in terms of “This tune is Zepplin tune X”. Most other artists that I listen to I can pretty much identify their tunes forwards and backwards (OK, not literally backwards like played physically backwards. Backwards like the ability to know the tune and a good deal of the lyrics if someone says the song title. Forwards being the ability to hear the tune playing on the radio and come up with the title) but not Zeppelin. Zeppelin makes my poor plork cry. My theory is that Zeppelin tunes usually don’t have the song title prominently displayed in the lyrics so it just doesn’t stick for me.

OK, here’s what I’m talking about. I went a-googling and came up with the name and lyrics for the head stuck song (you’re welcome) and it turns out to be “Going to California”. The title phrase is mentioned precisely once in the whole song buried somewhere in the middle of a line near the end of the first verse. Once! And it’s a mighty incidental once too since the guy is all about bemoaning the fact that he was done unkind by some chick and great angst and heart ache and maybe he ought to skip town, get away, start over, blah blah INCIDENTAL CALIFORNIA cakes. Dude could have decided to go to Ontonagon and the song wouldn’t change one iota. Now, in contrast, I’m not sure the Eagle’s song would hold up as well if they went to Hotel Ontonagon. I’m just sayin.

Also, the Eagles take care to mention “Hotel California”, where the entire song takes place, four times. I’m pretty down with that.

So anyway, Zeppelin rant aside, as usual nothing spectacularly grand is happening here at the booniverse. Yesterday was so unspectacularly grand that I took a nap when we got home and woke up this morning. Yup, I live a life of high adventure. My excuse is that TheMan has a head cold so I’m doing some preventative sleep maintenance. Hey, it’s working since I do not have the cold. Yet. Best nap tonight too!

Actually, I’m considering asking TheMan if he wants to do a gamer’s night in after we run errands. Since we slept yesterday, there was no Warcraft playing which means our total days of WoW abstention number beyond a week. That aint right! CrazyGnome’s still hovering at 29, it’s time to step up and do something about this unjustness! BOOYAW!

Of course once we get through with cat duty at both badmovie & Lunargeography’s place as well as DQ’s house we’ll be right fresh to do some Sam’s clubbing. What fun! I even left my shopping list at home so I’m clubbing blind. Double wheee for me! I *think* I thought of most everything on the original list but chances are I’ve got all but the Most Important Thing, which is the one thing that I can’t get anywhere else and the whole entire reason for making a Sam’s run anyway. I’ll get home with all my clubbing goodies save that Most Important Thing and then when I read the list I’ll have to commit seppuku in shame. Either that or I was actually able to remember everything on the first list and transcribe it onto the second list which means the world will be ending sometime this weekend.

Do you find it as weird as I do that Word has seppuku in its dictionary?

Tomorrow we have grand plans to go geocaching. Whooo. Scott H gave us a holler a couple of days ago and asked what we were up to and if we wanted to hang. Since we do some caching with him and we haven’t been caching in quite a while, we thought we’d try one of the caches we saw on the way out to Wasem’s last time. And hey! Since it’s really close to the cider mill, we can jaunt out for donuts and cider afterwards. What better thing to do after caching than going for donuts and cider? I’ve also invited some work chums along for the experience. It’ll be their first time geocaching. I’m hoping to make converts of them. Muahahaha!

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