Weekend of Food Fail

This is a cake from back in the day when I could cook. Yes, it has gummy frogs and SweetTart Lego bricks…what your point?

Actually, maybe I should make more Frogtown cakes because this one was pretty tasty.

This weekend I decided to make a couple different things; one because I wanted cake batter, one because I wanted to get another Baparoma recipe off and done and one because I wanted to try Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise in egg salad. None of my three recipes came out quite right but all three of them came out tasty. How does THAT work?

First off, I think Saturday I was lounging around bored and thought to myself, “Hey self, are you hungry?” My self was a bit peckish so we wandered around the kitchen looking for something to eat. We didn’t find it but then I spied the cake mixes and myself said, “Oooo! Cake batter might be tasty! I WANT CHOCOLATE CAKE BATTER!” I, on the other hand, am a bit more practical and the lemon cake mix had expired in November (of ought nine) so I tried to convince myself that lemon cake batter is just as good as chocolate cake batter. Neither of us really believed that and myself never does the baking so we were at an impasse. Then Me spoke up and suggested making a pretty, pretty marbled lemon/chocolate cake. Best of both worlds! So we all chipped in and did just that.

Me, myself and I made up both cake mixes, carefully poured them together (being mindful of leaving a tad more chocolate batter in the bowl than usual because the whole exercise was, after all, an excuse to eat chocolate cake batter) and baked up two loaves of marbled cakes. What came out of the oven was not, as I imagined, a striking mix of defined chocolate parts and unique lemon parts but more like both flavors had gone to war. An epic war fought down to the molecular level and the result was the ugliest mixing of yellow and brown since the colors were discovered. Hrmph. The cake tasted good though, despite it’s inherent ugliness.

Next I moved on to hard boiled eggs for my Greek yogurt egg salad experiment. I’d love to say that it was a roaring success and that I didn’t miss the mayo one bit. I would also like to have reported that it didn’t go as well as I had hoped because that would have at least meant that I got to the stage of egg salading wherein I had hard boiled eggs to make into salad. Instead I discovered a way to make the absolute perfect soft boiled egg which, while very tasty as soft boiled eggs, did not do me any good on my egg salad quest.

In case you are wondering, the secret is to pop the eggs in cold water and bring the water up to a boil. Turn the burner off as soon as the water boils, or as soon as you realize the water is boiling (maybe a minute) and let the eggs sit in the water until everything cools off to room temperature. More or less. There might have been some impatience involved and maybe room temperature was slightly redefined because I had already waited 20 minutes. Crack open an egg to find that it is quite glooby in the middle. THEN find out that you were supposed to do this method with much more water and covering the pan after the boil. Whoops. Put the eggs back on and bring them to a boil again, boiling for 2 minutes. Drain water, run cold water over eggs and peel. Wala! Perfect soft boiled eggs.

Lastly I made the Baparoma recipe “Roasted Chicken and Potatoes” following the directions very closely. I made my own marinara sauce instead of using a jar of it but everything else was to the letter. I had my doubts that the potatoes would cook in 45 minutes (from a cold oven start…Baparoma is big on the cold oven starts) but what do I know about Baparomaing? It turns out that I was right and the potatoes need about 15 more minutes to soften up. On the other hand, the dish minus the crunchy taters was delish. 45 minutes is the perfect time for the chicken. Yum^2. Next time I will pan fry the potatoes a bit before chucking them into the mix, that ought to be the right fix for the dish.

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