Gigantic Bubba Ho-tep

Who’s that playing
The guitar?

-They Might Be Giants; The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

HA! Look look look! That (look up) is stuck in my head! Beats the endless cycle of Anna Ng which was starting to drive me bonkers. Plus, it’s a pretty rocking fun tune. I’m boogy-ing in my seat as we speak!

In so many words, this Saturday rocked! We went to Moo U to partake in a day of their film festival in which they were showing (as an oddly paired double feature) Gigantic; A tale of Two Johns and Bubba Ho-tep. Gigantic is a documentary about They Might Be Giants and Bubba Ho-tep is a Bruce Campbell flick about Elvis and a cowboy mummy. Yup, you read right. Really though, both flicks were quite good.

We arrived on campus ever so slightly before the first movie, Gigantic, but none of us had really been on campus in about ten years. We had a map tho! We were styling…sorta after we managed to find the furthest parking from the hall we needed to be at. Still, it wasn’t too bad a trek over around and through past this structure and beyond that building until the destination hall loomed in our sights. My favorite part was watching TheMan, Badmovie and Paul the Other all pause to look at the map, huddle in discussion about where we were and where we were going (a problem in quantum physics I am told. Good thing we are not sub atomic particles or we would have never made the movie on time) and then in unison confidently point in three different directions when asked where the hall was. At least the directions were all roughly in the same quadrant of the compass, more or less, and we got to the theater.

Unfortunately we got there a tad late and missed 15 minutes or there abouts of the film. Sadness. Still it was a good flick and I would like to see it again in its entirety. Well, OK I don’t have to see the one whiny round faced chick with the drill-in-your-brain-make-you-go-postal voice. Yow! LunarGeography’s comment of a while ago about this woman is that she “Has a face meant for radio.” True, but that would leave her voice as her best attribute and just no. There was also the freaky long haired chick that I probably could have done without as well but she made me laugh so six of one you know? Another of the contributors was a radio fella who was funny in a “Dude, you are really wacked” kind of way but he had an interesting bit to say there at the end.

He thought it was really sad that the two Johns were in They Might Be Giants because they would never have the opportunity to discover and listen to the music in the same way the rest of us do. At first it sounded stupid but I was thinking on it and Yeah, OK I can see that being kind of a bummer if you are pretty much the only person in your nitch of music and you never got to hear anything like the stuff you like because you are the only one producing it. Or not.

So that was Gigantic. Bubba Ho-tep played at midnight which gave us about an hour to kill before getting our seats. Some festival lady got up on the stage thing about midnightish and did her blah blah speech that concluded with “So lets welcome Bruce Campbell.” What? No way! We all turned around and BAM there he was. Bruce Campbell. BRUCE FREEKIN CAMPBELL! SahWEEEEEET! He started the Q&A session with “So, anybody have any questions about the movie you haven’t seen yet?” but took any old question. Man, Bruce Campbell is boss. One lesion I learned is: You don’t heckle the Bruce. He had a good patter down and was good naturedly jibbing the people with real questions (What’s the favorite film you have worked on, what kind of stalker action do you get – things like that) but one kid stood up and asked the “Pompous Ass Question” of the night. He looked like Evil Ed from Fright Night too so he didn’t have a lot going for him plus, the dude oozed floating boat film major.

And Evil Pompous Ed’s question? “How come in Evil Dead there are some scenes where you have blood on your face and the next scene your face is clean and the scene after it’s gory again? What’s up with that?” Oh yeah, EPE was giving it to THE MAN (not to be confused with my TheMan who is cool and awesome) dog. So anyway, EPE was standing there looking all smug and what not yadda yadda while Bruce Campbell gives his reply which was something along the lines of ‘sometimes continuity suffers when scenes are cut and if the whole film had been run as written and originally shot then the scenes would have made sense’. (And if you had made any films you would understand how the process works.) EPE, not to be outdone snarks out “Well, I make films and all of my films have way better continuity that that!” So Bruce Campbell looks at him and says “Yeah, but have they been released? I thought not. SIT DOWN!”

Hee! EPE gives film students a bad name. Bruce heckled him a while and then let up on the kid, which was pretty admirable too. He also had a pretty keen answer to someone’s “Why did you do From Dusk Till Dawn Two and get killed off 10 minutes into the flick?” question. Basically Bruce said that everyone asks him “How could he do this?” and he said that the director was a friend of his from grade school, how could he not? That’s what I like about Bruce Campbell, he’s a very blue collar actor. He not doing these public appearances for his career or ego or whatever, he’s doing it to help promote indie films. Sorta paying homage to his beginnings instead of casting everything off and living the high life. Errr, well I’m not sure how exactly high he is living but he gets work and I think he has had enough high profile stints that people recognize him when they see him.

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