Oh Weekendery!

A different kind of cat in the hat.

Friday found us hosting an impromptu dinner thing with the BadGardens and Hot Honey Pork noms. I’ve had a recipe for Hot honey orange chicken for quite a while now and we’ve made the recipe several times but we keep eating the fruits of our cooking before I can get a pic of it. It’s a very good recipe. Friday night I was determined to make this recipe AND photograph it so I could have it chronicled in the booniverse food archives. I wound up subbing pork for chicken because we have a bunch of bogo chops but other than that, we played it pretty straight up. The BadGardens brought veggies in a bag for teh lazy and we had us a fine dinner.

Actually, they brought veggies in a bag and mashed taters in a bag and I gotta say that the microwave taters for mashing are ingenious. You nuke tater chunks for maybe 10 minutes, add fixings (milk and butter I think) and wala! Mashed taters. They are a tad salty for my taste but for the ease of making mashed taters in three easy steps, they are PERFECT! Then again, I really like mashed taters.

Later on we cracked out all three Dominions (the basic set, intrigue and sea side I think) and mixed it up. Yes we did, we TOTALLY mixed cards from each set and…it was the most boring game of Dominion ever. We wound up with a lot of the same sort of card (we randomized a bit as well as hand picked some cards) which lead to pretty much one strategy for winning. It was very linear and consequently bor-ring. On the other hand, TheMan won his first game ever so…yay?

Saturday was a day for napping! And caking. And birthday fun since once again, Mumses and Mr. Paul planned their New Orleans trip smack before my birthday. We had shrimp creole and bread for dinner (at least what bread survived the pre-dinner munching) and let me just say that my step dad is way cooler than your step dad.

It’s true because my step dad wr0cks the AWESOME in creole AND he makes the meanest French bread ever (the Baparoma pan helps). Put those together and it was a most wikid dinner. For dessert, my mom made Boston Cream Pie and that was a very fine thing too. I made out really well I think, plus I got to take about half a Boston Cream Pie home too. Bonus.

Oh the pie-manity. The tasty, tasty pie-manity. Mmmmmmmmmm.

TheMan and I brought…ice cream. It was an experiment but if ever you are drinking a glass of red wine and you say to yourself, “Yuck, this is like drinking fermented grape jam. What can I do with the rest of this which will enhance and/or disguise the flavor?” ice cream isn’t the right choice. We just made fermented grape jam ice cream and that was a terrible thing to do to vanilla ice cream. “Sadly” we forgot the rest of the ice cream at mumses house. Oh. Darn.

I’m still hoping chocolate wine cake will be this wine’s forte but I suspect pouring it down the drain is what one really ought to do for enjoyment.

Sunday we were lazy. Quite. Quite very. Did we even get dressed?

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