Somewhere Between Seppuku and Armageddon

Neither of which I can spell but both of which Word has happily tucked away in its dictionary. Word, sometimes you both amaze and worry me. Other times, you just piss me off. What was it I was trying to spell correctly (or, in actuality, arrange the letters enough times so the word I wanted to use in the first place came up on the “did you mean to type XXX word?” list) the other day that did not appear at all on the possible list of words due to my not having the correct vowel in the secondary position? Eh, I must have repressed it but the only letter I had wrong was the second vowel (which it *could* have been, given the pronunciation) yet my wanted option wasn’t to be seen on the “did you mean XXX” list. What up with that?

Anyway, I thought I’d post a little wrap-up of things I might have left dangling, most notably the outcome of the improv Sam’s club list of Friday. As you can pretty much guess, the world did not end so I did not manage to get everything on the reconstructed list. On the other hand, I have been updating (although, you clever JSFRers will have noticed I preposted this Saturday’s JSFR. Yes, preposting. That in itself might warrant a sign of the apocalypse) since then so there has also been no seppuku (seppukuing? seppukuage? let’s go with “seppuku committed”, that reads easier in my brain). The outcome was that while I forgot the giant sized container of powered cinnamon, I did remember the quintessentials of Sam’s Clubbing: A Box of Loud and Peanut Butter. I’m calling the list transcribing a success anyway because the cinnamon was just scribbled in a day beforehand and really, how am I supposed to remember something THAT recent? Ex-actly! So the cinnamon does not count as being forgotten because it was too new to the list. So say I. Oooo! I also managed to remember to pick up some Claritin, which was never on the list (but another good Sam’s Club thing) so now I’m one up. Sorta. Anyway – moving on!

Why is it that no other grocery store sells Loud (Grape Nuts for those of you need a translation) in boxes able to hold more than three bowls of cereal? I can get a nice sized box of Life or Raisin Bran at the usual food store and they both will last a long week and then there is the teeny tiny package of Grape Nuts. I might be able to squeeze three decent breakfasts out of the shrunky-dunk sized box. Four if I eat out of a custard dish. What is up with that? Wait, is that actually the key? Is it because Grape Nuts are a small cereal so they expect you to downsize the bowl as well? Is it a proportional thing? Because I do not get the itty bitty boxes at all.

I got me a grown up sized box of Loud, I’m a happy camper. I’m also a happy camper because I used up half my Post Toasties in a tasty concoction of peanut butter bar cookie things. Sadly, I still have half a box left, but that just means I get to make the PB Toasty things again, right? No offence to Post Toasties, which I am sure are a right fine cereal for people who have the tastebud chops to appreciate them, but I find them to be a really poor man’s corn flakes. They do make wonderful PB Toasty bars though.

Did I mention Isaak’s chin boo-boo? I thought I had, but if I didn’t (and as usual I’m too lazy to look it up) he acquired himself a red angry welty thing under his chin last Monday or so. It was something between a scrape and a rash (scrash?) and looked sort of nasty. I didn’t catch when exactly or how exactly he picked it up, I only noticed it when I was giving him some kitty scritchies. As usual, and because cats are pretty resilient critters, I kept an eye on the boo-boo and cat and figured if either got worse I’d haul him into the vet, yowling and kicking. I am glad to report that after a couple days the boo-boo of mysterious origin started to look better and by Tuesday it was just a faded patch of kitty skin (albeit a bald faded patch of kitty skin). The “I” is off the hook for a kitty doc visit, much to the enjoyment of everyone involved. Nobody wins when Isaak goes to the vet.

Currently my A2 Angst Credit Union is spelunking the suckage of their binary existence. Last week I found out that my ATM card doesn’t seem to work at any non Credit Union ATMs (once, a long, long time ago in a really cool CU far, far in the past I could go anywhere with my card and do anything and accrue not a single fee. Back then life was simpler; they rocked the lending institution world and I could speak no ill of them) which, in all honesty, banks have gotten really piggardly over the years about using other bank’s cards in the ATMs. So, I was cranky but I only tried two banks, one of which is the pigardly king of snotty exclusive banks so we hauled all the way to the other end of town to use the CU’s own ATM. Guess what! The card doesn’t work in their ATM either! Bastards forgot to reactivate my card when they reactivated my checking account.

And AND and, the CU has weekday hours from 8 to 5:30 every working day and on Saturday they are open from 9 to 9:15 in the morning (more or less, actually probably more but not by much). You can not get from campus to the CU by 5:30 if you work a standard 8 to 5 work shift. Have I mentioned the hate I have for my credit union? Today I can speak no good of them.

We finally got around to watching Battlestar Galactica sometime last week or possibly on the weekend. It’s the mid season finale and O! My! Word! did people have a thing or a zillion to say about it (I’ve been reading the recaps and the forums for Galactica lately). I really liked the episode and didn’t feel the need to over analyze it to death because hey. It’s a part one of two so chill with the ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’ of the motives. The truth is; we don’t know yet. Pfft! People. ANYWAY! What I did like about the episode is that it did a very good job at portraying two valid reactions to the Cylon genocidal actions. (Oh! BTW, the Galactica met up with the Battlestar Pegasus, sort of like in the old series except nothing was kept the same. Well, except that the second Battlestar is still called the Pegasus.) On one side there is the lone Battlestar Galactica which is charged with protecting the Rag Tag Fugitive Fleet of the very last (give or take) of the human race and on the other side there is the Pegasus; the lone Battlestar and last of humanity which is on a mission of revenge.

I’m pretty OK with the episode because if you think from the Pegasus’s point of view – they are it, the last of the race. There are 1000 or so people on the ship and that is everybody (as far as they knew before meeting up with Galactica and RTFF); not enough to save their kind but maybe enough to go down kicking and screaming and taking as much of a bite out of the Cylons as they possibly can. Galactica, on the other hand, can’t afford to go all guerilla warfare on the Cylons because if they go down, the fleet’s pretty much doomed. Pegasus’s mission is one of all out offense tinged with despair, hopelessness and anger bred revenge. Galactica is all about defense, nurturing and desperate hope. I think the episode played both sides very believably and also threw in the added glitch that the Pegasus’s CO outranked Adama. Aint that a peach? I’m really looking forward to January when part 2 debuts.

What else, what else…hmmmmm. I can’t really think of anything so I’m going to call this done. Stick a fork in it and all. See you tomorrow!

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