Boomity Boom

I just want to stomp around all toddler T-Rex-y with my totally useless hands and whine except stomping would kinda hurt. Which makes me wanna do it more.

Monday I took a header on the flagstones, embarrassingly as I was walking with the head boss honcho back from a MLK event I didn’t really want to attend. Actually, it was a sort of prefestivities luncheon event where a whole googob of people I don’t really know show up plus the MLK speaker and we all chat and eat. On one hand, free eats I guess but on the other hand, I don’t know the guest from Adam and there were about 30 other people at lunch that I know barely. The person I was the most familiar with at the lunch is the head boss honcho which….awkward. And then on the way home BLAM! On the plus side, I still retain some of my “How to fall and not hurt yourself. Much” training from KFu (or maybe I’m a natural at not splattering myself too badly. Probably all the practice I had as a youngster).

Then today was kitten maintenance day so I got out the Q-tips for ear cleaning and the clippers for nail trimming and dragged the garbage can over to the bed for easy disposal of stuff. Except that when I was done with the maintenance I got up and accidentally stepped in the garbage can and wedged my slipper in the bottom. It’s not easy to move about with a garbage can attached to your foot and neigh impossible to do so when the garbage can is blocked by the pile of laundry waiting to be done. So I fell over again and whacked the beegeebus outta my hinder on the Cat Highway and then again when I touched down. I need a hug.

On the positive side, the kittens are starting to really play with each other. Tycho has always bounced Tess but lately I’ve seen Tycho come flying out from wherever with Tess hot on his heels trying to bite his tail. It’s good to see her giving these days because up to now she has pretty much been on the receiving end. I’m still a little trepidatious about the size difference but when I admonish Tycho for chewing on TinyCat’s head and girlfriend uses the respite to lean over and chomp on his paw, she’s on her own. If she can get herself into these messes, she can sure as heck find a way out.

The way Tess is eating, there might not be a size difference so all this worry could be a moot point. TinyCat loves her gooshy food. And Tycho’s gooshy food. And Vande’s gooshy food. Do you have gooshy food for her? She’s so HONGRY!

In case you were also wondering, TinyCat is not the best helper when it comes to finishing off the Reject Blanket Project. Weirdly, Tycho is pretty decent if you stuff him under the project where he can’t see the dangly bits. He’ll settle right down. Tess, on the other hand, will not stay put and insists on traveling to the top and “helping”.

Lastly, I have a word to the wise, other than don’t get your foot caught in the trash can. Frozen Boston Cream Pie is not all that; let your pie thaw before nomming. You will thank me.

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