A Day With My Mommy

A rose for my mommy.

Last week in the slick and tretch, mumses slipped and broke her ankle. Yesterday they put her under the knife and made her foot all cyborg-y with screws and plates so I thought today I would take off work and jaunt out to hang with my poor invalid mom.

But first, I slept in because I could. Nyah-nyah coworkers!

I didn’t sleep in much though because I was planning on being out to my mom’s at noonish and I had some errands to run beforehand. Still, 9:30 is 9:30 (and definitely not 6:00. Again with the nyah-nyah) and then I had a bit of a snuggle with kittens and cat after my shower so that my hair would look all poofy like. I’ve discovered that if I get back into bed with wet washed hair, it gets nicely puffy and pretty for the rest of the day. I do not know why this is, but my hair is a lot better looking than when I just brush it back wet and go on with my day. Of course it’ll never do this cool poof awesome thing again now that I’ve mentioned it, but today I wanted to look snazzy for my driver’s license picture. Seems that this year both the truck and I expire on my birthday so I had to actually go in and do my thing rather than wait until the last minute and register online.

I hate going to the secretary of state; I always wind up cooling my heels for quite a while no matter when I go.

Round about 11 I got all my stuff gathered and started on my adventure! The Seccy of State had revamped the interior flow yet again for better Feng Shui or whyever they rearrange the innards of the place every couple of years. I think this time they reverted back to the way they had it two rearrangings ago but I was able to get my ticket regardless and then spent my obligatory half hour time of waiting. Maybe I just always manage to arrive at the Seccy of State when there are a millionty people ahead of me but the line moves fast or there are 4 stoopid people ahead of me and the line stops dead. I did not have to take a driver’s test which was nice.

BTW, for those of you renewing your license this year – they asked if I wanted to add a parks and whatnot access sticker for a really reasonable price (better than getting it at the parks and whatnot place I do believe) but it was a then or never deal. I decided against it since we hardly take the truck anywhere but I’ll have to remember come Bug renewing time that this is an option.

Next stop after extending my expiry date was to get the truck’s oil changed. I might have languished a bit on that (I won’t say that the oil change sticker wanted me to change my oil in December. Of ought seven. However, if you look through the discarded stuff in my truck you might find a window sticker that claimed such a thing) but we always get synthetic oil in the truck for just that reason. I do want to report that the oil fellow said the truck’s oil was still nice and clear so there you go. I also got new wipers and they filled up the squirts juice so I was ready for tripping up to mumses’s house.

Mumses has some good drugs, yo, so she was feeling fiiiiine. She doesn’t have a permanent cast yet on account of swelling, but her leg is all iodine yellowy and she can’t put weight on it yet and has to keep it elevated. She is generally chipper and feeling as spry as one can feel while also having a foot that was operated on recently.

I set about fixing dinner and dessert while also making ganache as reciped by Alton Brown. I’m still toying with putting together a Mondarin inspired cake and THEY say to use ganace to frost it together. Other THEYs say Alton Brown is the bomb so I went with his ganache frosting recipe. I have to say, I was highly disappointed when it “set up after two hours” to the thickness of hot pudding. That to me is not set up and also unusable for the cake so I was grumpy with Alton for most of the evening. However, I had to apologize when I got home and uprighted the container of ganache only to discover that it had hardened on the cold trip home and was now permanently sloshed to one side of the tupper. Now I have to liquify my ganache in order to use it but the recipe will set up. Eventually.

We ate enchilada bake and had white cake buntlets with warm ganache frosting for dinner. mmmm. I got to work a little on my afghan project (only 6 ends left to weave in HOORAY!), talk a lot with mumses and Mr. Paul, play with Sally the puppy and had a really good time. I wandered back home shortly after six to beat the ugly weather and to let mumses get some sleep. All in all a good day.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    You are a good kid!

  2. mum Says:

    You are indeed a good kid.

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