They say it’s MY birthday

Some warm fall love for y’all on my birthday.

Woot! I did not take the day off as I took off Tuesday to go hang with my mom. Ergo, it was off to work for me but first, Bomber Breakfast. Our Friday Bomber has been moved to Thursdays now because LunarGeography has classes Tu/Th so Thursday is the new Friday. Mark that on your calendars. Badmovie also joined us as he is now on night shift again and swings by on his way home. Weird, but AWESOME just the same. We had noms which started the day out fine.

At work, the gang chipped in and we had a birthday party thing. As usual, we had way too many snacks but it was all good. Wednesday, when we picked up birthday goodies for the game I did not get the most tastiest looking pecan caramel coffee cake because one of the peeps has a nut thing. Guess what showed up at my work birthday gig…that same pecan caramel coffee cake! My coworkers wr0ck the birthday partying yo…plus there weren’t any leftovers of the Giant Carrot Cake of DEATH which was pleasing.

Later on I discovered a little box with a bow on my desk, having told everyone that it was my birthday (and they should come get treats because there was a TON of food). It turns out that the Lexis rep had a neat little wireless mouse in her stash of goodies which she stuck a bow on and gave to me. It’s really cool and the directions are a riot. Very Engrish.

I took home some scones and a few other tidbits from the goody-a-copia table so TheMan could enjoy birthday snackering too. It was delicious. I was supposed to go out to lunch with Alessar today as well but he was sick. That was fine by me because there were so many snacks that I was sick too. Blergh. Lunch would have been too much (as I learned a long time ago).

As far as evening plans, TheMan and I are going out Saturday for Sushi with a bunch of peeps so dinner tonight is a laid back thing at home. I forgot to get out the four fanCAY cheeses on the weekend so we’re cracking them out for wine and cheese dinner at home. With wine. Lots of wine. Hee!

I’ve been having a very good day and now I have had quite a bit of wine so I’m going to go to bed. Happy Birthday to me!

2010: I will let you in on my Big Birthday Secret. It will tie the whole blog together! This Sunday we are renting out a portion of the Corner Brewery and having a Big Lebowski party.

2009: My birthday started out pretty rad. TheMan offered to let me sleep in all week (birthday week SNOOZES!) which…awwwww. He’s a keeper indeed.

2008: Listen up you primitive presentee-ist screwheads: If you have the plague, stay home.

2007: JSFR: Gookie (orange)

2006: OK, really I am having a terribly wicked-good day despite the fact that I got no birthday cards in the mail. *sniff* I have a theory on that though, I think all my birthday cards turned into food. Dear God has there been food.

2005: I think everyone should have a librarian blown up for their birthday, it shows people really care. *sniff* Awwww.

2004: That’s right, it’s the single most important day of the year (thankyouverymuch) and I intend to make everything about me today.

2003: So the plans for today include eating.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Oh my GOD! I’m so sorry! I must not have you on my birthday list 🙁 I think I have Amy so it’s odd that I wouldn’t have you…except for the fact that you are unique and special snowflakes and each have different birthdays 🙂 Happy belated!

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